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JUST BELOW ARE DOCUMENTS OF DR. MILLER AND BIOLOGIST WENTSWORTH (They each examined and studied dead bigfoot-like animals.)

(THE KS document is #79 below in the sightings section.) 

The Following was written by Dr. H.A. Miller
  (Now deceased)
Born in New England, December 12th, 1909… I was the first and only child of Christiana and Arthur Miller. My mother died in child birth and I was subsequently raised by my father until re-married to a French woman when I was 12 or 13 years of age. Soon after their marriage she bore a baby girl. I finished my high school education while living with my father, step-mother, and half-sister.
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
I remained in New England for my undergraduate work. I thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors, the ocean and forestry. My under-graduate studies focused on forestry and land management. While in my junior and senior year, I was employed by the Federal Government.

I worked at Lockwood Farm (part of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station). I learned about hybridization in agricultural and enjoyed the hard outdoor work in the corn fields. I began to find great interest in the scientific workings happening with corn seed at the time.

I completed an additional year in Forestry science and graduated in 1930 with an A.B. from Yale University and an M.F. in 1931 (M.F. is a Master of Science in Forestry).

I labored at Lockwood Farm for a few years and gained great interest in science and medicine; by this time and I did hope to attend Medical School and become a physician. I expeditiously applied for Medical School and was accepted to Harvard and began my medical training in 1938.

Graduating from Harvard medical school (Harvard) in the early 1940s and I completed residency and fellowship at Harvard and began a very specialized career at the time in Orthopedic Forensic Surgery Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.  

Because of my previous work with the USDA, I was quickly employed by the federal government. My early years as a physician related mostly to providing medical support to various employee types (fire fighters, etc.) within the USDA/FS.

I also became the forensic expert and anatomist for the USDA and was called to examine most major accidental deaths of USDA/FS servicemen. Due to my interest in genetics and early experiences in agricultural hybridization, I was assigned to scientific teams, which investigated the physical nature of genetics.

Our early experiments determined that DNA is the component of the chromosomes where genetics should be studied; this, along with the efforts of several other scientists, lead to the discovery of the double helix structure in early 1950s.

It was at this same time that several of our team members were called to Bandera County, TX where the forestry scientists/biologists assigned to Edwards Plateau reported the dead bodies of a strange type of human. The first reports I received were speculating that they were feral humans from the local Comanche Indian tribes. The bodies were supposedly found in or around one of the massive caves within the Edwards Plateau area.

When I arrived in Texas, I was surprised to find 3 bodies; one adult female and two female juveniles. I examined them as I typically would any human subject. But to my dismay--one of these creatures still seemed to be alive. I became quite upset with the local scientists--but they reassured me that they confirmed all 3 were deceased.

After further investigation, I found that these creatures were not human. They, in fact, had a remarkable rapid reparative process (hence the reason one of the creatures seemed dead--but in fact was regenerating to a degree). Unfortunately the restorative abilities of the creature were not enough to keep it alive. They were massive in size and distinctly a new primate species unknown to science at the time.

I spent years studying these creatures (which are scientifically known as Cebidatelidae), confirming that they were most certainly not human; they were definitely of Primate origin, but with traits seen in various species of primate – most of which were New World monkey.

Cebidatelidae found in the San Antonio Texas area very much “howl” like a howler monkey (quite frightening to hear at night).  At one point early in my analysis, I found a great deal of similarity between these bigfoot creatures and the Howler Monkey- that was until 1962…..

In late 1962 early ’63 I was notified of a large human like creature by the Redding forest service folks in California. I arranged for transport of the body to my primary location in Colorado. It was reported to me that the body was found under a large tree that had been violently struck by lightning and blown to the ground, apparently killing this large creature.

During my investigation- I found the animal to be very similar to those I had studied in the Bandera County area of Texas, with some marked differences. This northern version of Cebidatelidae seemed to have the same new world monkey attributes I notated in the Texas animals (known today as Cebidatelidae texicanus or C. texicanus).

However, there were unique traits found in this Pacific Northwest animal (known today as Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus or C. nerteros pacificus) including thumbs that are not entirely opposable, as we see in modern humans. C. nerteros pacificus entire hand was truly designed for grip, including proximal pads; making the hand somewhat hooked like, having flattened nails resulting in my theory that these northern creatures developed an evolutionary arboreal nature while the Texas sub-family developed a trogloxene nature. 

This Pacific Northwest (PNW) creature found in 1962-63 also had scent glands on her forearms. This is more evidence that C. nerteros pacificus is arboreal to some extent, leaving sent marks up and down the tree while climbing.  Not only was this creature smashed by the large tree, but she was also badly burned with areas of lightning prints on exposed skin. I notated in my Medical Examination report of the body that it seemed as though lightning struck the animal passing through the body and into the tree; subsequently weakening the tree and causing it to fall to the ground. 

It did seem as though the animal had fallen to the ground first, with the tree falling on top of her afterward- but the evidence as to whether the animal fell first or with the tree is inconclusive. However, it is clear lightning struck the tree at a decent height of over 20 feet; therefore this animal must have been clinging to the tree at the time of the lightning strike…. more evidence of the arboreal nature of C. nerteros pacificus.

 C. nerteros pacificus also has additional medial padding on the feet, which it would use to climb trees by clinging to the tree with its hands and support its weight.

Both the C. nerteros pacificus and C. texicanus have oversized lower jaws, including massive sternocleidomastoid musculature. This must have been due to their rugged diet and, moreover, their need to crush bones. Their lower dentum at first looked as a second row of molars. But after years of research and examining the dead bodies of these animals, I have found that the lower molars are simply oversized or fused resulting in massive, bone crushing tools. 

Due to their jaw size and bone crushing dentum, it is also clear that all sub-family of this creature are omnivorous, predacious and opportunistic.  We did find that the female killed during the Columbus Day storm was pregnant with monozygotic embryos. All female Cebidatelidae bodies I have investigated throughout my career that have been pregnant have monozygotic embryos; this again, incorporating additional evidence of a new world monkey relationship.

 Due to my investigations of the 1950s bodies in Texas and the 1960s PNW Columbus day storm body- I submitted to the Department of Agriculture that this is a new Platyrrhini species and that a new family under the parvorder should be created. Fellow scientists of mine disagreed given the fact that the creatures we examined in both cases were obviously bipedal and catarrhini in terms of their nostrils facing downward (old world monkeys). 

However, the juveniles we have examined are much more platyrrhini in terms of nostril breadth and position. I won the debate in the end due to the fact that no evidence thus far demonstrates that these creatures crossed over from the old world- but are simply new world monkeys adapting to their various staged areas within North and South America*.

I have since retired and I know of some new University of Utah based scientists and Idaho who understand the genetics a bit better. Their findings are only supporting my original theorems, or at least I am told. These molecular biologists will soon understand the similarities with humans- once the human genome project is completed. As a result, I still refer to the Sasquatch species as Cebidatelidae with the following subfamilies:
Cebidatelidae arktos
Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus
Cebidatelidae somphos
Cebidatelidae americanus
Cebidatelidae texicanus
Cebidatelidae amazonia

*Any of these species found outside the New World must have originated from and migrated out of the new world.
All of my experience with this primate has been post-mortem, save a few unique experiences in the wild. To my knowledge a live specimen has never been captured except for once in Northern Research station in California. However, the animal did not survive in captivity and died after only several days. 

I, of course, examined the body. There were many rumors that this captured “Sasquatch” was somehow magical and could shape shift and that is why it couldn’t be found. The truth is… the folks at Northern Research station were very devastated and embarrassed that this live specimen died so quickly after being in captivity. So no, they are not magical. They are highly intelligent primates. 

Having one die in captivity is a very difficult to witness due to the human nature and feeling about the species. In reality, captivity will never be realistic for Cebidatelidae because of their size and complex brains. Similar to captive white sharks, the species cannot thrive in captivity and quickly die as a protective mechanism.

I have spent a great deal of my career as an expert for the federal government concerning Cebidatelidae and throughout the world, including the bodies recovered in the 80s due to Mount Saint Helen eruption. We made many recommendations to protect the species, but the DOI has constant concern regarding the impact of such a decision due to the vast number of areas this species inhabits. Such a decision would have potential negative impacts on the natural resource industry. The USFS is now working more toward creating protective wildlife refuges for Cebidatelidae.
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
…others on the team focused on molecular genetics….
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
…. the USFS and the DOI is recognizing now that the natural resource industry is not the economic center as it once was. So a final decision has been made to finalize the class 1 identification of the species. There is a 20 year plan to incorporate all wildlife protection areas throughout many areas of the United States to ensure federal land protection for Cebidatelidae starting with California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

I was upset by this decision because the first location the species was identified scientifically was Texas. I petitioned and as a result, the Government Canyon State Natural Area will be protected, opened to the public and expanded in Bexar County, TX. The long-term plan will be to open each of these designated “Natural Areas” to the public. Once all of the designated Cebidatelidae “Natural Areas” are open to the public, the DOI will announce the species as an endangered New World Primate. I am not sure if this will happen, and the Government Canyon State Natural Area will not be open to the public until 2005 and then expanded later in 2009, and then again in 2012. This will all happen long after I am dead I’m afraid.

I am currently still living in Colorado and I have attempted to journal my experience with the discovery of this new massive primate. The species is amazing, powerful, and deadly if angered. Like any animal, it will protect itself, its food source and its young at all cost. Artiodactyla are Cebidatelidaes’ primary food source. It is imperative that the federal government continue to designate “Natural Areas”. Otherwise, a scarce food resource available to Cebidatelidae will result in more opportunistic feeding behavior and closer interaction between Humans and Cebidatelidae. These creatures and human beings simply do not co-exist.
H.A. Miller, MD, PhD (Now deceased) 
Influenced by the writings of Anatomist Dr. Thomas Dwight among which includes: "Frozen Sections of a Child" (1872); "Clinical Atlas of Variations of the Bones of the Hands and Feet" (1907); "Thoughts of a Catholic Anatomist" (1911)

Evelyn N. Wentsworth

More on Evelyn N. Wentsworth and her Bigfoot Research

The following is more information about a biologist who worked at times with Dr. Miller. Miller has been mentioned in earlier posts on this site. He examined the dead Columbus Day animal's body, three bigfoot-like animals found in a Texas cave in the past and bigfoot's from the Mt. St. Helen's eruption. Actually Aly's grandmother, Evelyn N. Wentsworth, called Dr. Miller in to look at the three bigfoot animals from the Texas cave. Scroll down to find the first information received on Wentsworth. Enjoy and comment.

Dear Mrs Perry,
Mother brought to me some old notes from mormor. I have typed as best I can for your YouTube magazine. I hope it makes sense to you. It makes no sense to me.
I have more notes. I will work on them if this is helpful to you and your science.

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More on Dr. Miller

(Hello there my friend Ms. Newton Perry.

My name is Alcaster. I live in Sweden and was raised here by wonderful parents. Father is Swedish and met my mother in the United States - big state of Texas.

I am a woman of great interest in the arts- but always was intrigued by my mormor’s (grandmother’s and name, Evelyn N. Wentsworth) stories of the "bigfoots." I don't believe in these creatures- but I am surprised to hear from my friend, who is a bigfoots enthusiast about your website and the letters you post about Dr. Miller. 

Mormor always told me stories about her studies as a United States’ biologist for the department of forests or something along that line (I am not familiar with American governments). We would visit mormor each Christmas while I was growing up. She would occasionally tell stories to us about three giant monkey-like creatures she found in Texas when she was a young scientist of 25 or so years old. I recall her talking about finding these monsters in some caves in the Texas forests. A fire had burned some of these giant monkeys.

I always thought her stories were so crazy, but how strange to read another story on your website about Dr. Miller. When I was older and could understand her stories better, I did question mormor about these details. She would answer by telling me she contacted an expert who flew to Texas to help her examine these dead monkeys and his name was Dr. Miller. She would tell us how angry he was at her and the others because one of the monkeys was not dead.

She always told me that the real reason he was angry was because she was a female scientist and he thought women could not be highly intelligent scientists. But over time Dr. Miller warmed to my mormor and included her on his future studies.

Mormor always would tell me that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to as a woman. She would then boast that the first person to ever discover bigfoots was a woman even though Dr. Miller would take such credit. She did refer to these monkeys as something other than bigfoot. The first ones discovered by her in Texas she called something like texacanus. 

She would tell me stories of the different species like the somphos in the swamps of the United States southeast and the times she spent in Belize and South America studying the Amazonian-type bigfoot. She even told stories about the arctic types with pure white furs. She seemed to know Dr. Miller well.

Do you think the Dr. Miller she would reference in her stories could be the same as the Dr. Miller you have mentioned in your youtube?)

Journaling notes: 1960
Notes regarding the New World Ape: evolution from Monkey to Apes to the bipedal higher order.
What connection in North America to such an anomaly? Notharctus venticolus?
Must contact Harrup. Examination at Yale – Natural history
Ms. Leakey discovery seemingly indicates a creature that may be bipedal. In contacting Mary, I found her very open to such similar evolutionary history in the Americas. Hopefully she will visit with us, though she very much dislikes Dr. Miller. She has requested to examine the skeletal anatomy. This meeting has been too difficult to sally forth and may never happen, unfortunately.
Questions and Concerns:
Dental Formula (Diphyodont.)
Adaptation to Open Habitats in the American landscape. Seemingly American transition approximately 3 million years ago from monkey to APE and onto a higher order of bipedal ape similar to Zinjanthropus boisei. Climate changes in the Americas 3 million years ago forced the arboreal nature of new world monkeys to a terrestrial habitat. Did this event result in a new ape evolutionary pattern in the Americas? The species utilize tools (stones) for food gathering and processing, meat eaters as well as plant and fruits. Migratory in nature.
To support Dr. Miller theorums, we examine Rusconi’s work. Homunculus was discovered in the new world with traits that demonstrate parallel evolution (potentially) due to a change in olfactory usage and increase binocular reliance. Dr. Miller uses this example as a similar evoluationary pattern in the new world to those primates in the old world. However, my question is to whether the changes in Homunculus is due to transitions from nocturnal living.
For my own journaling, I will not refer to this new species as Cebidatelidae due to insufficient data provided. I do, however, agree this new world ape species is remarkably divergent and maintains features from all primate suborders. For my own purposes, I reference the species as Primus. Dr. Miller maintains his approach, of which I cannot ascribe. I will adopt my own. Primus arktos has now been discovered. First encounter as I have written about previously occurred two years ago when fossil remains were obtained in Nunavut of an early Primus specimen. Our dating of the specimen indicates 70,000 years ago indicating continued support of the great American ape theory. If this fossil evidence is confirmed as existing earlier than the land bridge, we know Primus did not migrate from Asia. The legends of Yeti in nepal are most likely sightings of P. arktos, which would have migrated out of North America and into Asia. P. arktos is very large, and is in fact the largest know of the Primus species. It is larger than P. nerteros pacificus, P. somphos, P. amazonia, and P. texicanus. It is most similar to P. americanus. The species outer coat is very white- similar to arctic foxes and polar bears. P. arktos seemingly feeds on large arctic mammals including arctic cetaceans, pinnipeds, but mostly Caribou. Like all Primus species, the arktos particularly hunt deer, such as caribou.
Primus arktos, and americanus subtype maintain (unusually so) some prosimian traits (rhinarium in americanus). 
Biochemically closer to Prosimians
-arktos and americanus more reliant on smell than vision
- nerteros pacificus maintains forearm scent glads
-somphos, texicanus, and amazonia have significant arm pit scent glads (extremely pungent smell)
All Primus species are similarly American monkey in the following two ways a) twin births; b) paternal involvement in infant rearing


(If a name is not given for the sighting report, the report was submitted by  Anonymous. The date is date submitted to Bigfoot Ballyhoo or otherwise stated.)

1. Strange sightings in Coos County
(November 22, 2009) BIGFOOT BALLYHOO is dedicated to this man.

Linda I enjoy your articles in the Coquille Valley paper and wanted to tell you to go to and look under Coos County and Curry County. There are several recent sightings along with older ones listed there. Back in 1911-12, my grandfather lived up on the Rouge River near Lobster Creek. He swore he and another hunter saw a giant ape-man like thing on Wild Horse Mountain in June of these years.  They saw three different ones in size and they left huge foot tracks behind.
Thank you for your time.
Dale Saxton (now the late Dale Saxton)
2. Retired From OSP and Now Has His/Her Say on Bigfoot
 (December 20, 2009)

As a 30 year trooper for OSP, (Oregon State Police) I've seen many of the tracks you talk about on this website. The ones where I was certain no one could have placed them there. I was required to photograph and cast them.

Over the years I've done over 55 tracks that were over 17 inches and made by something of unusual weight.

I always turned the photos and cast over to the proper agency. Where they went from there is a mystery.
One time while checking on a report of vandalism on
Barklow Mountain near China Creek in Coos County, Oregon, I found a track that was 22 inches long. It was past a slide where no one could have left it. After taking the photo and cast, I was asked by the forest service to take it to a track expert in Washington State. He estimated the creature that made the print was over 1,000 pounds and 10 feet tall or taller.

"Jesus, I'm glad I never found the dude who made it."

Now that I'm retired I can talk about it.
Retired and Tired
3. Dr. Issac S Has Left a New Comment on Your Post
(December 24, 2009)

The Sasquatch legend is as old as the history of the Oregon Territory itself. But as a few miners of Almeda Mine, near Galice, Oregon found out in 1922, the legend turned out to be a nightmare. Early in the spring of 1922 the Almeda Mine was a constant source of ore for the hungry ING Mining Co. of Denver.

They employed over 230 men to mine the ore. Some of these miners decided that maybe they could find their own ore deposits on down the river.

One morning five of them set out to try their luck. The miners headed into the vast forest of the Rouge River Wilderness.* After looking for two weeks some of them decided that prospecting wasn't for them. They left to return to Galice in hopes of getting their jobs back.

Somewhere along the trail , something took place that most men can only imagine. One of the miners returned to Galice to tell of his friends being attacked by giant forest monsters. The miner insisted that three of his comrades had been killed by two giant ape-men looking creatures.

A search party was quickly dispatched to the area to stop the flood of wild tales that would certainly spread and make miners quit by the scores. After a week of travel the search party found two of the three missing men dead of an apparent savage attack on them from some unknown animals of the forest. The third man was no where to be found. Only part of his pants and hat were still present at the site. The ground was moist and showed footprints of enormous sizes all around the men’s bodies. After looking for the missing man the search party returned to Galice with the packs of the dead men.

The foreman at the mine told the men to keep quiet about their find or lose their jobs. The searchers went back to work in the mine and nothing was ever said. The man that returned with the story disappeared and thus the story was hushed until Zane Grey a resident of Galice wrote about it in a magazine.
* At one time the Rogue River was spelled this way.
4. Hyw 58/Cottage Grove, Oregon Sighting
(January 2, 2010)

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever tell a soul about my encounter. I’m a private person who never thought the bigfoot thing was anything but stories. Then it happened to me. Going to work last Nov. 28, I was in between Cottage Grove on Highway 58 when my car quit me. I was off the road in a wide spot waiting for somebody to come along.

No traffic at all being it was 4:00 AM. After waiting about a half hour I got out of my car to see if I could find the motor problem. It was then I heard a clack clack clack of something being hit against a tree down below me.  It was the strangest sound out there in nowhere.

After 5 minutes of it, it began to get much louder. Then it seems out of the silence of early morning came a horrible moan-like sound that sent the hair on my neck straight up. Then I heard the sound of somebody walking through the brush and woods.

Whatever it was would stop and start. The smashing of the ground sound it made, made me believe it was something rather large. Then it happened, this hairy black thing crossed the road right in back of my car on two legs. It was very large and tall. My god, I panicked and jumped in the car and locked the doors.

Maybe ten minutes later a truck came from the opposite direction and slowed down to see what my problem was. I yelled “Can I get a ride back to Cottage Grove with you?” The man said “sure” so I got inside his truck and never said a word to him or anybody else till now.

I’m 100% sure it was a bigfoot that crossed in back of me.
5. Bear Creek, Above Melrose, Oregon
(A Douglas County Cop Report)
(January 4, 2010)

I was called to a report of a disturbance at Bear Creek up above Melrose. When I arrived a man reported that somebody was in this field scaring the cattle. I shinned my spotlight into the area where the cattle was running and saw a hairy, giant ape-man like thing walking across the field. I reached in the car for a microphone to try to scare it off. It just walked right through a three board fence and disappeared into the woods.
I made out the report only to get time off with pay to see the state doctor before returning to work.

6. Near California Boarder
(A Jackson County Cop Report, Oregon)
(January 5, 2010)

Back in December a couple was lost down here looking for a Christmas tree and I was a member of search and rescue. Another FS man and I were searching the back roads near the California border. At four hundred hours (4am) we were on a forest service road and came across a very large beast covered with dark brown hair. It was walking down this old logging spur that had a big tree lying across it.

We both got a very close look at this thing as it quickly walked down this old road. I estimate its height to be 10 feet and weight 900 pounds. It had long arms hanging to its knees. It had a very massive build to it. It left 21 inch five toed prints which the forest service took casts of.

Still I got 12 days off for a mental evaluation. It made me very mad as the other FS guy didn't have a problem with his report. Being I’m a cop I got the works. The doctor who saw me said I was tired and mistaken─both of us mistaken? BS, we know what we saw!

7. Pairsoll Peak Sighting
(Curry County, Oregon deputy)
(January 6, 2010)
Thanks for the chance to tell my story to someone. On December 14, 2009, while on patrol near Carpenterville in Curry County, I received a call to proceed to mile post twenty four on the Forest Service Road, Pairsoll Peak near the south fork of the Chetco River. At 1422 hrs I arrived at the south fork bridge. There I was to investigate a report by cell phone that six loggers in a crew wagon had seen a big animal of unknown species on the bridge looking over the side.

After taking their reports, I told them they could go on home. I walked across the bridge on foot and walked along the road looking for any signs. There it was, a blackish hairy animal of immense size standing upright looking straight at me from the river bank.

I drew my weapon and shot once in the air to stop its forward movement towards me. The eight to ten foot apelike thing whirled around and walked off into the tree line near the water.

Stunned, I returned to my pickup. I called it in and was told to return to the Gold Beach Station. I had no choice but to report seeing a Sasquatch-Bigfoot type animal. I had to see a goof-ball shrink before going back to work.

8. Windy Creek Sighting by Airplane
(Karen Walsh)
(January 9, 2010)

While flying a small plane in the Rogue River Wilderness last week three of us saw a large brown creature crossing Big Windy Creek by air. It walked upright and was covered with short scruffy hair on body and very tall looking.

We are doing a documentary on the Kim Family tragedy. We watched it through binoculars as it crossed the creek and walked down the south side of the stream until it went into the tree line. As we live in Chicago we had never seen such a thing like that.

9. Wolf Creek, Oregon Sighting
(Clifford Milton)
(January 11, 2010)

My sighting took place on 3-12-08 out of Wolf Creek, Oregon. I was working for Union Pacific on the rail line near Turner Creek Bridge. It was in the early morning hours when I was in a crew of four and was relining rails when the foreman told me to take the motorized cart and go about 3 miles down the track to the stockpile of rails we had put there.

When I came around the bend of Turner Creek, I noticed something ahead on the right side of the track. As it was a very isolated part of the line with no roads in I knew it couldn’t be a person walking. As I got closer to it, I noticed it was covered in light black hair, big and walking on two legs.

I stopped the motor cart to watch it. It walked on the track about 25 feet then turned around and came back towards me, looking down towards the river (Cow Creek). Not noticing me it crouched down and picked up what looked to be a fish. As it stood back up it saw me and let out a howl that you could hear over the countryside. Then it very quickly walked up a near vertical bank that no man could ever get up.

Out of seemingly nowhere steps this smaller one about half the size of the full grown one. It was light brown and only about 5 feet tall compared to the other one which was at least seven feet or taller. It went up the same steep bank into the woods.

I cell phoned the other guys to come down with the rail pickup. When they arrived I told them what happened. We looked at the five toed barefoot prints on the bank.  The smaller one was 10 inches, the big one 19 inches. These things were not human or monkey. They were something in between a human and a gorilla, and wild as hell.

10. Rafting on Rogue River Sighting
(January 12, 2010)

On a rafting trip on the Rogue River from Galice, Oregon to Agness, Oregon in July 2008, we stopped at a camp 1 the first night. Next morning we left and decided to go on past camp 2 and raft till dark. After finding a very nice place to go ashore we stopped at this river bar with an old abandoned cabin back some 75 feet. This place was called Misty Falls. After dark we were sitting around the old fireplace talking about the next day. My close friend needed to go visit nature so I went outside with her.

It was then we heard from a distance a sound of rocks clanging together. We didn’t think it was anything so we returned to the cabin to hit our sleeping bags for the night. It must have been around one hour later that the sound of somebody walking around the cabin woke my friend up.

She shook me because all of us were in the cabin.  We listened to a sound of something outside messing around with the backpacks as you could hear cans falling on the ground, then some kind of very low shatter. Then this growl rang out from right beside the door.

Everybody was awakened by it. One of the guys jumped up and swung the door open to find a giant hair-covered manlike thing throw a pack at him. He yelled out “Hey what the ...!” When he did, this thing took off through the woods. We could hear the sound of it walking on the floor of the forest as it left. It came back two more times during the night and made horrible screams like we’ve never heard before or since. Then a return scream from something far off...

When daylight came we grabbed the packs which were emptied all over the ground and got out of there.
This thing left behind tracks like is on your website: large bare feet. We reported this to the Rogue River Ranger Station, and never heard anymore about it.

11. Brummett, Carl’s Creek, Oregon Sightings
(BLM Field)
(January 12, 2010)

We have had a number of reports of bigfoot in the area surrounding Brummett, Carl’s Creek. These sightings have been in a ten mile radius at different times. One party reported two large bigfoots near a campground on Brummett. Another elderly couple reported a very tall wild man on Carl’s Creek. A  BLM employee spotted what looked to be a Sasquatch near a helicopter pond on Brewster Rock Rd off Brummett Creek. An off duty UPS employee had a sighting while hunting deer on Deadhorse (just a valley away).

Unofficially BLM is concerned the sightings are more frequent and may represent one or more families of these creatures. I can not give out anymore information on these.

12. The Mountain Monsters of Azalea Lake. 
(Sally Rich)
(January 15, 2010)

Azalea Lake is located in the Siskiyou Mountains between the tiny towns of Powers, Oregon and Agness, Oregon. Back in the 1940’s the lake was a logging camp for Coos Bay Lumber Company. The company built 35 cabins along the lake to house the loggers. My mother Minny Rich was a camp cook there and remembers the weird happenings in 1947-48. Back in these years very few had ever heard of “mountain monsters.”

In the spring of 1947, loggers started complaining about terrible looking hairy monsters that left behind unusually large footprints. Then in May of 1947 two loggers went missing in the forest above the lake. The rumor was they got drunk on store bought whiskey and wondered off to get forever lost.

Many stories about these big monsters were the talk of the camp and towns. Then in June of 1948 a crew of timber fallers saw what appeared to be one of the lost men with four giant hairy monsters. The man was totally wild by then, and didn’t appear to be wearing any clothes or shoes.

The camp had had trouble with strange tracks since the 1920’s when it was first occupied by a group of settlers that talked of tall creatures stealing their meat and other goods. In 1980 the USFS burned all the remaining cabins down and sealed off the road.

Did the forest agency know something? We will probably never know. Fifteen miles away is Squaw Lake, another USFS owned lake that is having its own strange occurrences. Could it be the next generation of the hairy monsters? Just a thought from some of the “old timers” here in Powers.

13. Dewey Staton Comments on Above Post
(January 16, 2010)

Sally, thank you for recalling the camp happening. As a logger that worked there from 1945 through 50 I certainly remember those awful creatures up there. I had four run ends with them myself. Those things were big as a coffee barrel around and as tall as two men standing one on top the other. The female one the men nicknamed “Blondie” because of its white and yellowish hair. She was a mean one. She threw  rocks and limbs at a lot of us. Cutter, Dan Milton was spotted twice by us completely wild and seemingly crazy. We always thought the creatures got his partner Tim Dean and killed him. Sally your mom made the best stew I ever ate. As I’m 88 now, I still remember.

14. 1970 Bear Camp Sighting
(January 20, 2010)

Back in 1970, I drove log truck for RB Slagle out of Grants Pass. During that year four other drivers saw these things you talk about on this blog. We were hauling in the Bear Camp area and many of the loggers and truckers back then reported these Bigfoot things. I remember one instance where a timber haulers truck actually bumped one of those things. He said at the time it ran out on Graves  Creek Road right in front of the truck. He locked it up only to brush the thing. He claimed it was as tall as his door on the truck, 9 feet. I never did see one but sure saw the tracks they left behind. Back then if you reported something like that all that happened was a question about how much Blitz beer had they had.

15. Keely Mountain Sighting
(January 21, 2010)

(9-27-09) In September of last year I was witness to a truly strange ordeal. I was working for the forest service out of Murphy, Oregon on a lookout for fires after a bad lighting storm had come through. I was west of Grants Pass, Oregon at a lookout site on Keely Mountain near the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. It was a two hour drive from the lookout to Williams, Oregon where I live.

One night I was sent out at two thirty am to look for some spot fires that had been started by lighting. I got to the lookout at four or so. I began glassing the area for any signs of smoke. It was then I felt something was looking at me. My hair on my neck stood up for seemingly no reason.

I quickly learned what was watching me. About 25 or 30 feet from my pickup stood this queer looking thing on two legs. Its eyes seemed to have a reddish glow to them.  Also it was standing upright on two legs and had the appearance of a man-ape cross.

As I watched this thing, it let out a deep sound like wwoooooaaa. I made the mistake of turning my headlights back on. It let out a growling type sound and turned and walked on two legs back into the forest.

I was sure it was ten feet tall but now think 8 ½ or nine. It had short black hair all all over its body. I don’t think I was in any danger of attack from it but I told the boss what I saw and he just shrugged his head and said, “You wouldn’t be the first one to see one of those things.”

16. 1973 Windy Creek on Bear Camp Rd. Sighting
(January 21, 2010)

Those things were literally all over the mountains in the earlier years. A Howard Coomes log truck driver was staying at Windy Creek on Bear Camp Rd because it was closer to the job. His wife and son were scared to pieces one day in 1973. She was cooking on an open fire pit when this hairy thing like a giant ape came into camp and crabbed a slab of bacon from the table and took off.

It came back several times in the next few days and tore their camp apart looking for food. She told my wife that they all knew when it was coming by the howl and smell it made. After a week of that they moved to another more populated camp. She had told all the truckers up there that this thing was as big as three men put together.

17. Griffy and Laird Crew Sighting 11/62
(Greg Brandy)
(January 22, 2010)

There was an unknown type of animal found by a Griffy and Laird Crew on 11/62 while removing wind blown trees from a Greyback spur road. If I remember right they shipped it off to the Department of Interior for autopsy. The animal was badly decomposed at the time. It was said it was much too big for a bear. Also the report stated that it had hands and feet resembling a human’s but of a larger size.

You could get this information under the freedom of information act. I do not have any photos of it anymore as they were sent with the report to DOI. As I remember the photos were not all that good. The animal had been dead for a month at the time of discovery.

18. Oregon Indian Reservation Sighting
(March 13, 2010)

In the last three days we received a report of a giant animal near the old dump site here on the reservation. We have found that this animal has been in the area for some time. It is described as hair covered, brown and very large in build. I will say we are in central Oregon and reporting an animal to our reservation police does not carry any baggage with it. This same animal was seen on two other occasions ten miles from the dump site. We take these sightings every once in a while and treat the people with complete respect.

19. Abe Videl Writes of His Sightings
(March 16, 2010)

When I started my quest for the truth about bigfoot in 1961, I was one of just a very few that was active in the search for the real proof needed to substantiate the existence of this animal. I’ve seen many turns and even roadblocks erected by many government and non government entities while I was active in bigfoot hunting.

Over the years I’ve seen many people called bigfoot investigators come and go. Most had a motive for profit only. Bigfoot research can be very time consuming and takes a good deal of money to accomplish. I have never used this animal for my own profits and never would.

Once I talked with a man who told me about a sighting and then wanted to sell the location to me. This was unacceptable then and now. I have had two encounters with Bigfoot since 1961 and both times were by complete accident. All the years I searched for bigfoot I never knew if this was the time or not to see it.

In 1971, I hiked into the back country of Mt. Adams and camped in a remote valley for two weeks. I never saw one sign of the animal. Then as I was returning to my truck, I spotted one off in the distance walking down this old miner’s path. The short of it is the people that see this animal are extremely lucky and should remember they are one of a very few. Be proud you saw it!

20. Remote, Oregon Sighting
(Cole Saxton)
(April 14, 2010)

Last night at 11:30 my phone rang and I answered to find out it was a 58 year old man from Remote, Oregon that had seen a bigfoot standing on a logging landing on Upper Rock Creek Road. He told me he had been working up on the mountain welding a logging yarder housing when he turned to get a wrench off the truck and came face to face with a bigfoot looking at him.

He said the bigfoot was 8 to 9 feet in height. The bigfoot let out a garbled wooooaaa sound and backed up two to three steps and then whirled around and went into the dark forest beside the landing. He sounded like he had seen something so I told him I would meet him at the old Remote Store at 12:30 AM to go back and look for tracks. As we headed up the snowy mountain he told me he felt this bigfoot was watching him for some time because he didn’t feel right (like hair standing up on his neck).

We looked the landing area over good with lights and found several scuff marks where something had come up the hillside. The ground was covered with a couple inches of frozen snow. I could hear a woooaaa off in the distance but couldn’t locate the direction.

This sound has been connected with bigfoot for years and is mentioned in many sightings. The logging company is closed down until the snow leaves, so I went back this morning to look for more. I found nothing except more scuff marks along the road and hillside. His description was of a heavy upright very tall being, covered in black hair with red glowing eyes.

21. Scottsburg Bridge, Oregon, Sighting
(James R)
(April 23, 3010)

After getting the thrill of our lives last night I was very surprised to find on the Internet search where bigfoot has been seen near Loon Lake turnoff before. I googled bigfoot and Oregon 38 and your site came up. Last night at 7:00 we saw what people describe as bigfoot near the Scottsburg Bridge on the west side of it on Oregon 38.

We were driving east very slow because the deer had been crossing the road in several places when we saw this dark brown creature very slowly walk onto the shoulder of the road where the old IP truck shop used to be.

We slowed even more to see it walk upright across this wide spot and climb the bank and disappear. The creature was tall and built very heavy in the upper chest area and covered with a fine coat of dark brown hair. The bigfoot was around 7 to 8 ft tall.

When we got to Scottsburg store, we stopped and told the clerk what we had seen. She was not surprised at all, saying several people have seen this bigfoot near Loon Lake turnoff and near the Scottsburg Park. She asked us if it was still near the road. We told her it wasn’t. She said the night before a lumber truck driver told one of the employees inside the store he had seen it cross the road in the same area as we did.

We are surprised this creature has not been hit by somebody yet. This was witnessed by my son and our preacher from our church.

  22. Deputy Sighting Tyee Rd. Douglas County
(April 27, 2010)

The deputy was called to investigate a disturbance that was supposedly going on a remote logging road out of Tyee. The officer was at the 8 mile marker on this road and saw what he described as bigfoot crossing the road in his lights. He called it in to the dispatch. He was joined by other officers that went to find no persons at the location called in.  On what they found I don’t know at the site of the bigfoot. The road was a logging spur at 16092 Tyee Rd.

23. The Gray Bigfoot Near Scottsburg and Loon Lake Turnoff
(North Western Oregon Research )
(April 30, 2010)

The animal that has been seen at Scottsburg is anything but skinny. It is a full grown male with a lot of gray in its coat of hair. The bigfoot walks with a limp but not as bad as it did near Elkton (if it’s the same one). This makes us think the animal was freshly wounded at Elkton when seen there.

The description of the bigfoot is identical to the one given by the lady at Elkton tunnel sighting. Over the last 2 months people have seen the same one in and around Loon Lake Road, Weatherly CR Rd and the Scottsburg Park area at night (going through trash cans). It is described as very tall approaching 9 feet and very heavy through the chest area. Also people speak of a creature that is not that scared of vehicles. It seems to take its time after someone sees it to leave the spot. The animal is no doubt older and the face is something in between prehistoric man and ape. The arms are long compared to a human and very muscular.

24.   Diamond Lake, Oregon Sighting
(Ben Rechart)
(May 03, 2010)

I have read where people say that they’d love to see bigfoot. Well, let me tell the ones that say this some thing.  I too was one of them who used to say that. Then on Sept 11, 2005, I got my wish. I was working near Diamond Lake when I turned around and there it was staring at me. This beast was 3 times my size and burned fear into me. I stand 6.5 and weigh 260.

I have never gotten over the way this beast snuck up on me from behind. It has changed my life on how I think about the outdoors. I no longer feel safe walking or hiking in the woods. So people do be careful what you wish for.

25. Illinois River Attack, Oregon

(Derik Wheeler)
(May 04, 2010)

The story goes like this: Gary and Sondra Ellison were living in an old campground on Sanders Creek, a tributary to the Illinois River around 25 miles from Agness, Oregon. The couple had been living around the area because of a recent downturn in their income.

One day in Dec. of 2009 they were given a gift of Salmon from a local person in Agness. That afternoon they began cooking the fish in a skillet on an open fire at the camp. It was then the couple claims to have had a very large creature walking upright on two legs come into camp and started throwing very large rocks at them.

They retreated into the motor home to watch the hairy monster take the cooked Salmon off a plate and eat it. Then they reported the creature turned on the motor home and began shaking it. The creature then broke out a side window at the door while Gary and Sondra were on the floor in the back bed area.

Then the creature walked around the motor home looking into the camper. After ten minutes or so the two legged creature walked back into the heavy woods. The couple waited for some time to make sure it was gone before gathering up their belongings outside and then leaving the campground.

Sondra sustained a broken shoulder blade from one of the large rocks thrown. The couple reported the attack to the XXX only to be ridiculed and laughed at. It was noted by XXX that large rocks and broken glass were found at the site along with some big footprints.

26. Thrown Over Embankment
(Clarence Bosch)
May 5, 2010)

What the Ellisons went through is what lots of people talk of. Many reports have a very aggressive creature making it perfectly clear people are not wanted in certain areas of the forest.

I found myself in the target of one of these animals in 2008. My ordeal was in Northern California, twenty miles from the Oregon border. I was assigned to do a survey for the California Department of Forestry.

In the late afternoon, I was packing up the pickup with the survey tools when I heard a low grunt somewhere behind me. As I kept on with my packing I found myself being picked up and thrown over the steep embankment beside the truck.  After being dazed a moment or two I went into shock.

I could hear some thing above me literally tearing the equipment apart in the truck bed. I remained very still hoping this animal would not attack me again.  As I became more conscious I realized I was bleeding from a bad cut on my arm. It finally became silent up above at the truck so I slowly crawled up the bank to the pickup.

It was then I saw a huge upright male bigfoot eating three oranges, peelings and all out of the destroyed cooler in the back. Then this giant animal let out a cry or scream that I will never ever forget. It was so loud it seemed to shake the trees.

He soon left taking huge strides with each step. I was able to crawl into the pickup and go down the mountain calling for help on my cell phone. The dispatcher told me the EMTs would meet me at Lower Tandy Creek Campground. It was about a half hour when I came across a couple coming up the road. They took me to the EMTs and I went to the hospital in Crescent City.

Right away the BS started about what had attacked me. After some discussion the forestry people announced that I had been attacked by a black bear. I was told under no circumstances was I to repeat to anybody that a huge bigfoot was really to blame if I desired to keep my job.

This is why people do not tell the authorities about dangerous encounters with bigfoot.

27. Cow Creek Road Oregon
(Joe Daniels)
(December 1, 2010)

Back in the spring of 1972, I had a very strange encounter with an animal much like they say the bigfoot looks like. It was a cold morning as I remember, and I was en-route to work on Cow Creek Road west of Riddle, Oregon. This road is a two lane road that spans between Riddle and Glendale.

After daybreak I had stopped in a turnout to visit nature when I caught sight of something large and brown near the creek’s edge.

My thoughts were a bear but something wasn’t right. This animal was upright and slowly walking along the creek’s bank and turning over large rocks and digging at something. I watched it walk a few feet then stop and turn over one rock and scoop up something into its mouth. Then it slowly went a few steps then again repeated the rock turning.

I could make out it was no bear. The animal was covered in hair and had a head and large broad shoulders along with long arms and two legs.

After a few moments, I called out with a simple “Hey there!” The animal turned and ran with incredible speed into cover along the creek. I never forgot that morning and suspect that this animal was a bigfoot or something close to it.

28. Sighting Douglas/Coos, Oregon, Line Sighting
(November 10, 2010)

While traveling on Highway 42, my husband and two kids saw a large manlike creature walk across the road near the Douglas/Coos line on this last Monday evening. The girls and husband said it was a big dark brown being with long arms swaying back and forth. It was around five o’clock  and raining hard at the time.

Another passing car was stopped up the road about a quarter mile from where the creature had crossed. The eyes had a red shine to them. Hair covered the body with seemingly longer hair on the head and arms.

It was raining hard with thunder at the time they saw it. It quickly passed under some trees and was gone from sight. Curt believes it was over seven foot and the girls believe over eight.

One thing they all agreed on was the musky terrible smell it left behind. The cell phone wouldn’t catch the creature because of bad light and rain. My hubby and girls completely believe the bigfoot stories now.

29. Weatherly Creek Sighting
(October 22, 2010)

Thanks to the man at Bob’s Market [Scottsburg, Oregon] who told us about this site, we have a sighting of bigfoot to tell. On Oct. 20, 2010, at 8:15 am, we watched a strange creature in a field next to the road (Weatherly Creek?) that goes over to Smith River. We watched this upright thing eating apples from a tree by this old abandoned farmhouse.

We tried to get a picture of it but it was too far away for the phone to capture it. It was almost all gray with some black mixed in. As it moved it limped like one leg was a bit shorter than the other one.

It just stood there eating the crabapples and looking our way. We watched it for 5 minutes or so and then it slowly moved out of site behind an old pump house.

We noticed two doe deer over next to an old fence about 100 feet away that was mostly leaning and down.

My husband thinks it was a male because of no visible breasts on it. We believe it was approximately eight feet tall and several hundred pounds in weight.

What a strange sight for our eyes. Neither of us believed in the bigfoot stories before, but now we do believe it is real.

30. Three Hunters See a Bigfoot
(deer hunter)
(October 17, 2010)

Saturday, Oct. 16, I was told of a new sighting of Sasquatch by 3 elderly hunters. I will say the sighting occurred in the Siskiyou range in southwestern Oregon at 7 am, Saturday.

The hunters were walking down a washed out dirt road and spotted movement up on the hillside. They froze in place because their thoughts were it was deer moving. The hunters then saw a dark black or dark brown creature walk out from behind a large oak tree.

They all got a decent look at it before it moved into heavy vegetation. It was told to me the creature was upright, very tall and walking on two powerful looking legs. It was covered with sparse hair around its face and hands. Its arms were long and powerful looking also.

After the creature moved off, they noticed that some orange mushrooms had been put in a small pile at the base of the oak. The hunters all agreed the creature was not a bear but a Sasquatch or bigfoot. When they examined the ground more closely they found prints with five toes on each foot.

The measurements of the tracks were 18 ¾ and 8 ½ wide at the heel. There is no indication that the hunters made this up. None of them believed bigfoot was actually real. It was pointed out to me that none of them wanted to report the sighting to law enforcement because of fear of being dubbed nut cases. They did say I could tell the sighting to the persons of my choice just to keep their names out and location of the sighting. 

31. Montana Police Officer’s Sighting 
(September 21, 2010)

Being a police officer is something I wanted to be from the time I was five. I was fortunate to pass the test and training to make my dream come true. In Montana, bigfoot is not as common as in Oregon. We still get some sightings in the spring and summer months.

In 1997, I was called to a farm to investigate strange noises from the area behind the barn. It was 1:30 am when we arrived. The family there told me that something had walked up from the creek to the house and looked in the window.

Then the family said what ever it was went into the barn. Though I didn’t get a good look at the suspect, I knew it was not human from the sounds it made inside that barn.

Being the family was safe in the house; we decided to let the suspect come out on his own.  I am glad we did as the suspect was hair covered and large.

It was something like an ape but much larger. It came out from behind the chicken coop with one chicken in each hand. It was not a common ape. It seemed to be something in between human and ape. It walked off into the forest behind the barn with the chickens in hand.

I didn’t report it as a bigfoot because of the usual laughter one receives from that kind of report. I simply wrote unknown animal in the report.

32. Moon Creek Bigfoot Sighting
(Wilbur Clark)
(September 18, 2010)

I would like to take a second or three to tell of a strange ordeal a young family went through one night in 1978 while hunting in the mountains above Fairview, Oregon. ... the encounter is one of the scariest I’ve ever heard.

The young couple, in their late twenties, was hunting deer on a mountainside called Moon Creek. Along with them were their two young twins about three years old. Sometime before dusk the truck became hopelessly stuck in a deep rut from four wheelers.

The family thought it possible to walk out to the main paved road called Moon Creek Road. Alan, the husband, told me later that’s when the trouble started. It seemed to them someone was following them on foot back a ways out of sight.

They could hear branches crack and the definite sounds of heavy feet hitting the ground. The couple reached the pavement shortly after dark and began the five mile walk towards Fairview Road. Absolutely no traffic was on that road.

Almost right away the couple knew someone was in back of them, just out of reach following them down the road. In one area where the moon was shining on the ground the couple saw a huge looming figure. It was like a giant man or ape walking behind them.

Alan yelled out several times to get some response from the figure but was not able to get a reply. The couple was for lack of words “terrified” by the shadow of that figure. Alan had brought his 30-30 with them and shot one bullet straight in the air.  When the shot ended a great scream from just seemingly feet behind them rang out.

Not a woman’s scream but some kind of terrible low to high pitch howls. Alan knew whatever was following them was not human. He caught a glimpse of some type of big upright creature walking along the high bank of the road. He told me whatever that thing was had to be over eight feet tall. Alan told his wife to keep walking down the mountain and he would try to protect her and the kids from it coming any closer.

Soon ... it turned off the road and over a steep cliff, leaving them. They could hear the sound of branches breaking as the thing left. They got to the first house near the entrance of Moon Creek and called a friend to come pick them up.

The next day Alan got a friend to help retrieve the stuck pickup. When they arrived at the site the ground was covered with large footprints. The cooler had been taken out of the back and the contents scattered about.

This is how the story was told to me. Alan was killed in a logging accident years later on, but my sister (his wife) still remembers that night on Moon Creek.

33. Columbus Day Storm Animal
(Gordon Paison)
(September 16, 2010)

Yes, I can recall all of that day. As you know we had a major windstorm that hit on October 12, 1962. This windstorm had wreaked havoc on standing timber from Northern California to southern Washington. Contracts were awarded to many logging companies to help with the massive cleanup of the roads under USFS jurisdictions. By November we had over 30 million feet of timber on the ground from wind damage.

Greyback was a major artery used from O’Brien to Happy Camp. This area was contracted by Griffy and Laird Co.  On a November day we were called to assist in the removal of the deceased remains of a victim of the windstorm from Greyback Road.

The body had been discovered by the clearing crew and reported to our field office in Medford. What the recovery team was soon to learn was the remains were not of a human. It was quite apparent that whatever this animal was it was not human or animal as we describe animals.

The body of this thing was in advanced decomposition but clearly showed it had two arms with hands and five fingers along with two legs and feet with five toes on each foot that were something of an apelike human-ape type.

Nobody in our group had ever seen such a thing before. As for the reported photos they were not supposed to ever be shown as we did not give permission for the thing to be photographed. But apparently before our arrival some pictures were taken by the crew and some local people.

These pictures were to be collected if possible because the case had not been classified as natural death yet. Though some photos were not found much of them were collected as ordered by the district manager of this region.

Like I said the thing was never classified as any known animal. It was thought that it was some type of unusual primate but was never classified as such. My memory is quite clear of that thing and when that film of the ’67 bigfoot came out I remembered this thing was very near it in looks. So my idea is it was a bigfoot not a ape-human.

34. Sasquatch Near Bald Knob, Oregon
(September 13, 2010)

Over the weekend came a new report of a very large Sasquatch on a slide-out road near Bald Knob. This road used to go through and then came out near the top of Agness on the NAT FOR DEV 33. I am very hesitant to give out the road number because of the amount of thrill seekers lately looking for Sasquatch after the Emery story broke.

As it happens these people want to remain anonymous saw what sounds a lot like Emery’s reported Sasquatch. This thing was big according to the person reporting the incident.

As it was told to me, the Sasquatch came up behind the pickup which was parked at the end of the old slide. The driver was in another truck about 150 feet from the Ford.

Both of the people claimed the creature was over 9 feet with a massive build. They had left the pickup there the prior evening to go to Powers to get fuel for it. Both gentlemen refused to file a written report with us but did give us an oral report on the sighting. This would be #2 since Sept 1st.

35. Bill Emery, Parchell Sighting
(Bill Emery)

(August 8, 2010)

Linda and Chris, we had great success last night and early this morning. Bigfoot came within 25 feet of me and Hank. We put out salt licks last night to see if the animal would try to take it and he did. I am enclosing a snap of #6 camera. DO NOT put it on the site yet. We don’t want another thing like last week. You may tell your readers of it though. All together we got 4 shots. They will have to all be enhanced but we believe all are very good. This shot was at 6 AM, Sunday Aug. 8, 2010. The image in the background is an old rotten cedar stump. Thanks for your support!


 36. Barklow Mountain, Oregon, Sighting
(July 29, 2010)

 Place: Barklow Mountain, Siskiyou National Forest Road #3353. Time: 2:30 On July 28th, 2010, a large dark brown bigfoot was seen walking in a clearing by XXXX. The sighting occurred when a van stopped in a turnout to remove some shale rock from the road.

It was walking in a westerly direction in a clear-cut from several years ago. It then walked behind a large Port Orford Cedar, stopped and gazed at the group in the van. It then disappeared into the timber. No further info at this time.

37. Mill Creek Road, Oregon
            (July 22, 2010)

My husband called me by cell phone at 6:30 am today and told me he saw the crippled bigfoot at 3 mile marker on Mill Creek/Loon Lake Road. The creature was exactly as described by others and was crossing Mill Creek almost up to its waste in water. My husband is not a logger nor employee for the government. He does work for a larger local mill in Roseburg, Oregon as a cruiser. He and another passenger both got a good look at it as it left the water and went into the tree line.

 38. Elk River and Euchre Creek Sighting
(June 27, 2010)

I’ve been reading all the stories from Bill Emery on this blog. I wasn’t going to ever tell of my experience in the Siskiyous of last month, May 25, 2010. I wish not to give my name because I have a great deal to lose and nothing to gain from this story that I’m about to tell.

It was around 10:30 in the morning when I was doing a survey between Elk River and Euchre Creek. I will not give the exact location. I had been marking trees with paint when I returned to my pickup for a coffee break. I happened to look down this old road with small brush growing in the road and on the side. I saw a very black figure emerge from behind a thicket.

I could not believe what I was looking at. This thing was well over eight feet tall and around seven to eight hundred pounds. It was nothing I had ever seen or studied about in forestry. It was clearly a two-legged sasquatch/bigfoot.

It had two long strong arms, two heavy legs with large feet and a massive chest covered in black hair. In fact the body was covered sparsely in hair except around the mouth and eyes. The arms and legs seemed to have  thicker hair on them.

It looked something between a large man and an ape but not quite either. It gazed at me for around half a minute and very rapidly moved into the deep brush.

I was utterly unnerved because I have always been told by fellow colleagues and top officials bigfoot does not exist. I then thought long and hard if I wanted to report this and after some thought I decided nobody would believe this and it could potentially kill my job. I have been with USFS for only two years and just lately working in the Siskiyou range. I really don’t have anybody I can discuss this with and so I felt it would be better to tell of it on this blog.

39.  Sighting Near Loon Lake, Oregon
(July 15, 2010)

I am 100% sure I saw that crippled bigfoot near the river today. I was driving log truck along Coffee Creek at 3PM and saw a large upright thing walk across the creek. As I stopped the thing slowed as it went up the bank on the opposite side.

It was very grey with some brown. It had a pronounced limp as it walked. Coffee Creek is on the Loon Lake Road. Before you get to Loon Lake you turn left on Middle Creek Road and this road goes over to Elkton 138.

Another driver told me of this website that was tracking the movements of this thing. I have never seen a bigfoot before but sure have now. The thing was 7 to 8 feet tall and a fairly heavy body with long arms. No, I didn’t report it to the boss or OSP. I won’t lose my job over a bigfoot report and that’s just what happens with my outfit.

40. Sighting Between Agness and Graves Creek, Oregon
(Jason B)
(July 19, 2010)

A couple driving the forest service road between Bear Camp and Agness, Oregon told a local today that they saw a very large bigfoot cross the road in the late hours of July 18, 2010. At 10:30 last night a couple driving on Forest Service road #23 saw a very tall black bigfoot cross the one lane road within 20 feet of their SUV. They were going to Agness from Graves Creek to pick up their friends and the raft.

They said the bigfoot was walking up the middle of the road when their headlights hit it. It then turned north and disappeared into the forest. The description is close to the Sru Lake bigfoot that Bill Emery was unable to find last month. It could be this bigfoot is going back into the area of Sru Lake because of the heavy food sources now in full bloom in this area.

41. Rogue River Sighting
(December 12, 3010)

Possible bigfoot sighting from Oct. 2010. In your short video of flying into Powers, I remembered a sighting on the Rogue River in Oct. A pilot was flying some folks into Agness when they all thought they saw a black bear on the ground near Rainy Falls. As they watched the bear it became apparent that it was no bear and looked to be something walking on two legs along the tree line.

The height of the plane was such to make them believe whatever this thing was it was much taller than a man and larger than the black bear in this part of the country.

Anyway the people were positive the thing was walking somewhat like a man would. It was black in color and seemed to be covered in hair or fur like a bear.

42. 2003 Sighting Between Agness and Galice, Oregon
(Robert James Hansen)
(December 18, 2010)

I’m glad you brought up the road dangers. In 1987 I lost a friend to a massive slide near Allegany, Oregon. The forest road people had declared the road safe for travel but it gave way under him and the result was a needless death. For many years I worked in the forest and found being in the wrong place at the right time can have deadly consequences.

Now to an experience I had in 2003. While driving the USFS #23 mainline between Agness and Galice, Oregon, I happened to look up the steep bank to see something move behind a tree. I stopped, thinking a deer was moving. To my surprise the animal wasn’t a deer. Looking around the tree at me was a black face, shaped like a man’s only covered in hair.
Then as I watched this thing, it moved slightly to the right and I was absolutely mortified to see an apelike animal body appear from behind the tree. This animal or what ever it was, looked very stout and tall. It appeared to be female with hair-covered breasts on it. It was somewhat between a man and a large ape.

It was watching me as it moved off into the thick underbrush. I have to tell you I was shocked and confused on what it was. It was several months later when I was talking to a guide for rafters on the Rogue when he told me it must have been bigfoot. He claimed he had seen one just like it only a male (he thinks) the year before while taking some rafters down the river. I remember very well he said it appeared to have some eye damage to it, like that Sru Lake thing is said to have.

I am still amazed to this day how these creatures can be out there without someone taking a shot at one. I believe your title to your newspaper articles is correct: “It’s only a matter of time” before someone kills a bigfoot by accident or on purpose.

43. Sighting Diamond Lake Area of Oregon
(Trinity and Guy)
(February 23, 2011)

... Last year while we were traveling through Oregon we saw what appeared to be a bigfoot on a back road near Diamond Lake. Before then I never would have believed those giant animals to be real. It was a scary time for us. Though the animal did not come close to us the smell was terrible. We still can picture that hairy thing crossing our path and looking at us.

44. Bigfoot Snatches Up Fish, Near Steamboat
(Gone Fishin’)
(February 26, 2011)

Many times I have wondered if bigfoot was just in peoples imagination. Well the answer to that question came unexpectedly last week. My sighting was near Steamboat across the river from the XXXXX. A large upright human-like creature loped up the hillside after picking up what looked to be a dead Steelhead from the bank of the river.

It could not have been a man dressed like a bigfoot because there’s no way to get over to the site of the sighting without a drift boat and the size of it was all wrong for even a large man.

Three of us were fishing the river when we saw it quickly grab the large fish and hurl around and walk off on two legs. It appeared to be dark brown and covered with a coat of hair.

If I were to estimate the things height, I would say eight to nine feet. Weight was probably several hundred pounds. If it wasn’t a bigfoot I have no idea what it was.

It was wild and strong to walk up the steep hill that quick. The next fisherman to me said he “had to quit eating in those places.” He simply shook his head. The other man about 25 feet downstream said what the #%#@! was that thing!

Thanks for the weekly articles in the paper. It may help people who might see one of those things not think themselves completely nuts.

45. Mills Creek Bridge One Man Two Women See Bigfoot
(March 8, 2011)
Ms Perry, while stopping at Bob’s in Scottsburg I learned of your website. Last Tuesday on Oregon 38 at the Mills Creek bridge a man and two women reported to the police that they nearly hit a strange upright creature crossing the highway.

The couple was in route to the coast when at 5:30 pm a strange looking grayish haired creature walked out onto the highway while apparently trying to cross the highway. When the couple slowed they noticed the creature was injured or diseased by the type of limp it displayed while walking.

When I heard of this I thought of the crippled bigfoot seen there before. The police are aware that something is being seen by passersby in that area. So far nobody has come forward with any good photos of it though several cell phone shots have been looked at by police.

I work in a position where I cannot give my name out but find this most interesting to say the least. I can say that over the last four months three other reports came in on the same creature. Police don’t want to alarm residents about the reports. I was told they believe the thing is not a danger to nearby residents but are concerned about near misses with automobiles on the highway.

I find it strange and unacceptable for them not to at least post a sigh to inform people that it MAY be present near the road.

46. Hiker Followed by Bigfoot
(March 10, 2011)

Some members of my hiking club recently was asked what they would do if approached or confronted by bigfoot. The answers might surprise a person if they think it’s not a no-brainer.

In 2010 an older member of this club came almost face to face with what he said was a giant ape man or bigfoot. He had been hiking the deep woods for 30+ years and had never seen this beast or one like it.

The large being was standing behind a big fir tree watching the man walk the trail. The first site of it brought complete panic to the hiker. The sheer size of the beast was overwhelming to him. The hiker turned quickly and ran back along the trail and the bigfoot followed him. The hiker ran as fast as possible and he said the bigfoot wasn’t even winded. The beast followed him for three miles or so before breaking off down a vertical incline.

The hiker told us that the bigfoot made several deep grunting sounds but never actually tried to catch him. He was so unnerved by the supposed mystery being that it took him several months before returning with other hikers to the place he sighted it. It was his belief that bigfoot was not a real creature. The sighting was in southwestern Oregon in the summer months but I do not want the location of the sighting to be published. The sighting was reported to the United States Forest Service but no follow up was ever done with the hiker.

 47. Two Bigfoots Throwing Rocks
(March 21, 2011)
(B Geel)

A strange 12 hrs for Ralph Welburn: Ralph Welburn has fished the Illinois River in southwestern Oregon for 32 years and last week had a most upsetting experience on that river. At 2 pm on Tuesday the 15th Ralph and a fishing friend were drifting the river 13 miles from the mouth when medium size rocks started hitting the river near them.

They couldn’t see where these rocks were coming from until they went to shore from the fear of being hit.  Ralph and his friend claim two very large creatures stood on a steep rock outcrop some forty to fifty feet above them and watched the fishermen for nearly five minutes.

In his eye glasses he claimed the creatures were neither human or animal as far as he knows. The creatures were standing on two legs and had great body size. His friend tried to use his camera to get pictures of them but only caught blurry and unrecognizable figures.

As they stood upright watching the men on the riverbank the larger one on the left would pick up and throw a rock into the river. After a bit the creatures walked off and out of sight.

Both men claimed the creatures were covered in hair, one black and one a light brown or almost yellow like. Ralph wanted the sighting told so I’m sending it to you. Thanks for a place to let people know of sightings without giving personal info out.

48. 1919 Sighting Near Gold Beach, Oregon
(Dan Pedros)
(April 01, 20110

I remember reading an article in Outdoor Life or Field and Stream many years ago about a man named Leslie Owen. The story told of this man Owen’s one time sighting of a giant ape creature in the remote back country of what is now Gold Beach and Agness.

The man was delivering mail by mule and horse to the small Indian villages of Meral and Agness long before the mail boats were used in later years.

It seems this man had a nasty run in with an apelike creature in 1919 somewhere near nowadays Agness. The story told of the mail hauler being approached one evening while he was making camp near Wild Horse Camp.

A giant ape creature covered in light silver and brown hair appeared from the deep woods and quickly grabbed the man’s goods from a large bag in which contained smoked fish and beef jerky.

The mail hauler said in a later interview with authorities that the monster had flaming red eyes and was very tall and heavy. Though they never called it a bigfoot they called it a mountain devil. The mailman said he didn’t fire his rifle at it because he was sure he couldn’t kill it with his 30 cal Winchester rifle. The creature returned several times that night and stood off in the distance and banged rocks and wood on tree trunks. Owens explained he had seen many footprints over the years on his route but had never seen such a monster before or after.

49. Bigfoot on the Rogue
(Mary Ann Mast)
(April 19, 2011)

In July 2009, our family was camped at Indian Mary Campground between Merlin Oregon and Galice Oregon for one week. On that Friday it was a warm day so we left camp for some wading in the Rogue downstream from Almeda Mine. We were having a blast with the grand kids.

Over, across the river appeared some animal that fits bigfoot’s description. It seemed to walk on just two legs and was mostly covered in a light brown hair. It came out of the forest on the opposite side of us and watched us for some time.

The kids were not aware that it was watching us until a smell seemed to feel the air, a very pungent smell. After some time the bigfoot walked off in a parallel direction to the river. We watched the big animal go to the river’s edge after a while and it seemed to drink water from the river. It did this by cupping its large hands together and raising the water to its mouth.

Then it walked up the hillside and into some forested area. We went back to camp and reported what we’d seen.  A forest service ranger came the next morning to our camp and interviewed us. According to him these animals are not common to see but he said it does happen at times.

The next day some man went over to the sighting area by drift boat and collected 8 prints in which he made castes and photographed.

The forest service ranger did return and tell us the prints were 17 inches by 6 inches. He was very polite and said he truly believed our sighting was real and truthful. We are 100% sure the animal was female by the breast area.

50. Above Loon Lake a Sighting
(Shane J)
(May 26, 2011)

Yesterday we went cutting firewood up above the Loon Lake area and saw a bigfoot-like animal. We were up on a back road in the Elliot State Forest when we stopped to watch a very tall and heavy creature walking down an old logged off area on two feet.

This thing was a dark-brown and silver or grey in color and was walking on a deer or elk trail. It stopped several times and turned over some rotted old logs looking for something under them.

It was several hundred yards from us but we could clearly see that it was a bigfoot and not a bear. We watched it for around ten minutes walk and then turn over a small log on the ground and dig under it. Of course we had no camera with us (STUPID) to get a picture of it. Then finally it got out of sight into a stand of trees along this same logged off area.

I was shocked to see one of these things for real. Glenn, my friend told me about this site when I returned to Reedsport. I called the Oregon State Game Department and told them where it was and gave them our names and phone numbers.

I do not think this was the old bigfoot you’ve talked about here because it didn’t have a limp when it walked. I really don’t think the state believed me about the bigfoot because the lady was almost laughing on the phone. But, I felt reporting it was the right thing to do, so I did it.


51. Oregon Forest Sighting
(Tom Krewson)
(May 27, 2011)

In 1982, I was working in the Elliot and found large footprints of something shaped like a man’s foot only much larger. It was a rainy and windy morning in November when I came across a line of prints in a meadow near Elk Wallow Camp.

The tracks were still muddy and had just been made within a couple hours of my finding them. This was the strangest experience I’ve ever had. The area was void of any wildlife and had a strong odor in the air of terrible musky smell.

As I looked around in the surrounding meadow I caught sight of something moving into the forest on the east side of the meadow’s campground. There was no mistake that what I saw was walking on two legs and was some kind of a huge wild man or ape-type creature mostly covered in black hair and well over eight feet tall. It took one step to another step in long strides. It had long swinging arms as it walked. The arms reached just below its knees.

I reported this creature to the Oregon State Police by my company radio and a game officer, Kent Brandon, came up and photographed the trail of prints and talked with me about the creature I had seen walking off. He was as perplexed as I was on what it was for sure.

A couple years later I saw what a bigfoot is supposed to look like and this thing definitely matched it. It’s been years since I saw that creature, but I’ll remember that day for the rest of my days.

52. Sasquatch Seen Near Steamboat
(June 02, 2011)

Holiday Weekend: sasquatch seen near Steamboat: For the second time in a month a couple camping near Steamboat reported seeing an upright hair-covered being walking near the Twenty Two Camp on Oregon 138. The couple reported the sighting to the manager of the campground and then to local National Forest officials.

The being is said to be over 9 ft in height and several hundred pounds in weight. Some men fishing near that area reported the same type being three weeks ago. The men were fishing the North Umpqua in the earlier sighting in the same general area and reported the same type features that the couple described.

 53. Sasquatch Sighting Near Glendale, Oregon
(Sheryl Amen)
(June 16, 2011)

I’d like to relay a bigfoot sighting to the readers of Ballyhoo. This sighting occurred in 1999 near Glendale, Oregon on the night of August 24. My family and friends from college had all went camping west of Glendale for a weekend of church meeting activities

After dinner we decided to sit outside the tents because of the heat. Around 10 pm we heard something on the hillside make a knocking like sound. The knocking sounds repeated every few minutes seemingly from different areas around the camp. We all thought “woodpecker” of course.

At 1 am we were awakened by a loud noise in the camp. Several in the group got up to see what was happening outside. When they emerged from the tents a foul smell filled the air and became very pronounced.

Several in my group sighted a very large manlike animal  walking off with only the cooking grill part of the barbecue from the now cold barbecue outfit.

They all watched with flashlights as this thing walked off on 2 legs covered with blackish-brown hair all over it. Several guys shouted at the thing as it disappeared into the forest. After a moment all was again quiet. The odor of this animal was such that it made some sick to their stomachs.

We contacted the local camp host and the men explained what they had encountered. To their surprise the host had had other reports a week earlier on the same thing. In that case the animal had made off with a loaf of bread and a bag of apples. The host told the men that this animal had been seen inside and around the campground since June.

The host had called the local law agency and each time the police came by the animal was never around. The host called the animal a sasquatch. I was never a person to believe in sasquatch or bigfoot until I read more information in books about them. I still think of that night and believe bigfoot was the animal that visited our camp.

54. Sighting Near Barklow  Mountain 1994
(Sam Akins)
(July 17, 2011)

A story from Elmo Fry of Gold Beach, [Oregon]: September 1994, logging owner and operator Elmo Fry reported to USFS that late on the evening of the 6th of September he and two crew members spotted a monstrous size creature on two legs run across the road near Barklow Mountain.
The men described the creature as some mix between man and ape covered in a black with silver coat of hair. Fry and his crew had just left the job site on a spur road to Johnson Mountain, heading for Elk River Road, when the creature appeared ahead of them running across the road. The men reported the sighting when they reached Port Orford. The apelike creature was described as over 9 feet in height and very heavy in build.

This is one of many stories to come out of this region near Squaw-Sru Lake and the China Flats area in the 90s.

55. Sighting at The Craggies, Oregon
(Shawna G)
(July 31, 2011) (deer season, fall of the year)

Linda, just letting you know many of us over in Eastern Oregon read your blog. I live in Rome, Oregon now but came from Port Orford. While taking a walk one day in 2005 with my hubby and our dog Champ we saw a bigfoot.

We never believed in them and we weren’t looking to ever see one. It was deer season and we were camped near the small hamlet of Agness, Oregon in a place called “The Craggies.” My hubby had been hunting by driving the primitive roads in this area for 3 days. On this day we decided to take a walk with our dog down this old trail overlooking the Illinois River.

Well it seems something wasn't quite right as Champ was making a fuss and did not want to lead like he always did. After a while we ate our lunch next to this old fir tree. It was then we heard something to the right side of us make some kind of grunt or cough sound. Then a most foul smell encompassed the air.

We didn't know what to make of this smell and Champ was really getting out of control wanting to go back towards camp. We started back up the trail towards camp and stopped because we both saw something black behind a tree just off the trail. To our surprise this black upright creature or animal walked from that tree quickly to another one and was looking at us from behind it. It looked like something between a human and ape but was much larger than either. It was something wild and did indeed walk upright like a man but with a long sway to its arms.

Then after a few seconds it turned and walked off into the deep forest. The sighting scared both of us half to death because we didn't know what it was. As we walked back to camp we watched both sides of the trail but didn't see it again. Back at camp Champ was back to normal again.

My husband had his rifle with him but never would have shot this thing without provocation from the creature. It was just checking us out, we think, and it never planned to harm us.

56. Foster Bar Near Agness
(September 03, 2011)

This sighting in your article about the policeman sighting bigfoot was I believe August 23 near Foster Bar on the Agness side of Powers. If it’s the same one, the officer was watching people drifting the river when he caught out of the corner of his eye a dark man-like large animal walk from one tree to behind another one on the opposite side of the river where there was no roads or trails.

It was my understanding the officer did not report it as a bigfoot but something unknown to him and not a bear. He watched the animal for some time looking at the drifters on the river. As far as I know he didn’t lose any time over the sighting. Maybe because he reported it as “an unknown animal” not saying the word bigfoot.

57. Oregon Coast, Behind Canary Sighting
(October 26, 2011)

Talking about the country behind Canary brings back memories to me. For 32 years I drove log truck for the Murphy Co. Many days in those years I hauled logs out of the mountains behind Canary. As many of my fellow drivers knew, this was a weird place to work. On many occasions while driving the deep backwoods, I had seen big cats, elk, deer and a host of other critters; but on this one morning I saw some weird hair-covered animals that looked like human and ape mixed (2 of them).

That dark and windy morning around 4am I was heading up to the landing to load when I made a sharp bend on this road and something large, dark and walking on two legs crossed in front of my lights and then a smaller one. I was dumbfounded on what they were so I started asking other drivers if they had ever seen these two-legged walking beings before up there.

I was surprised that several of them had seen what they thought were wild big apes or wild men. A while back a person had written on this site about the Weller-Glenn rock pit. That sparked some interest with me because my brother Albert had worked up there till ’78 when they shut it down. He had been telling people for over 10 years that a number of giant hair-covered wild men lived in the upper reaches of that area.

Through the years many of the loggers talked about the large tracks these beings made during the night on soft dirt logging roads. Several of the tracks were caste and showed to different people without a final conclusion on what they were made by. The forest is just that a forest. Nobody can know for sure what lives in the mountains and valleys of this country.


58. Iron Mountain Near Agness, Oregon
(February 04, 2012)

I would like to tell of a strange ordeal my brother and wife went through Oct. 15, 2011. They camped in an area of southwestern Oregon known as Iron Mountain near Agness, Oregon. This campsite was at an old abandoned cabin left by someone many years in the past. The evening of the 15th was just like any other night they had spent there.

After supper they walked to the creek to get 2 gallons of water in milk jugs. My brother was bent down collecting water when his wife said “look over there.” He raised his eyes to the trees across the creek and watched a huge black upright figure walk from behind one tree to another like a human would.

My brother wasn’t sure what he had really seen. They gathered up the jugs and went back to camp. After a discussion about whether to leave the site or not they decided to stay that night. At 9pm they heard the sound of someone or something coming through the brush next to the far end of the camp. It was at that moment they noticed a pungent smell in the air.

They got in the pickup and left the camp and all the gear behind. After about 1 hour they drove back into the camp. Nothing was disturbed except something had taken the bacon and a box of Hostess Cherry Pies out of the cooler and turned it over on the ground. As they gathered up the gear they said something seemed to be near the camp because the smell was still strong in the air.

My brother and his wife believe bigfoot was responsible for the smell and the lost groceries. The day before this happened they found limbs broken on a tree like someone tall had reached up and pulled them off.

He didn’t believe in bigfoot but does now. Unfortunately the figure was too quick and the forest too dim to really get a good look at what it really was. They know no other humans were camped around them for several miles.

59. Panther Mountain Sighting
(March 22, 2012)

I want to tell of a sighting that occurred in 1993. My dad was a log truck owner and operator all his life. He never believed the stories of the bigfoot because he claimed he would have found tracks in all the years he traveled the mountains of southwestern Oregon.

In April of ’93, he was working in the Ten Mile Creek area just west of Camas Valley. It was 7 am when he stopped on a gravel turnout on the Panther Mountain to tend to nature. As he let himself down out of the truck he noticed across the road something had just went up the hillside because small rocks and dirt were falling into the ditch. At that same time he heard a chatter of some sort from the trees lining the road. He then noticed a small figure of black moving through the tree line. He thought “bear” right away but was shocked nearly to pieces at a very large and heavy “manlike ape creature” of some sort grab up the small one and take off at lightening speed up the mountainside.

He could see it from time to time when it hit thin places in the brush as it walked on two legs. Dad was never one to tell stories. He believed to the day he passed the “apelike man or woman” was most likely a bigfoot. He never talked about it again. Nor did he ever tell his friends. He told Mom about it but told her to never talk about it.

He left his diary to me when he passed in 2000 at age 83 and I found 4 pages in the diary where he wrote down the experience.

60. Near Hone Camp Oregon
(April 24, 2012)

People say, “I want to see a bigfoot.” That was always my answer when asked the year before, but not now. November 2, 2011, I was camping with my family at Hone Camp, a few miles up Canary Road off Oregon 101. In the afternoon we took the Jeep and went into the back country to look for ferns. The road we took was in terrible shape with the road nearly closed in several places from old landslides.

I decided to walk back up a trail that I once hiked some years ago. I told my wife to meet me down the road at an old shack used for log scaling in the 60s. As I proceeded up the trail I had noticed the trail had been littered with broken off branches from the trees lining the trail. I should have turned around right then and went back to the road but I didn’t.

It seemed to me that something wasn’t right but I walked on. As I reached the fork in the trail it was apparent that something was coming up the trail right behind me. I started to turn when a deep sense of danger rushed me, within 15 feet stood a massive shape of an animal. The only thing I thought of was to run. The bigfoot was in between me and the way out so I ran up the trail a few yards only to see what looked to be the end of the trail because a big log was down across it.

I looked again and the bigfoot was gone. I thought maybe I had scared it as bad as it did me. After a minute or two, I slowly headed back down towards the road. The bigfoot was off the trail but I could hear it walking a few feet inside the tree line snapping limbs.

When I finally reached the old road again my wife was only one curve up because another tree had fallen across the road. I told her to move over and we left the area. I have never gone into the woods again without a partner with me. The bigfoot had brown hair covering the body with huge black eyes that seemed to burn into mine. The body of it was at least double my size at 245 lbs. I never want to go through that ever again.

61. Sighting, 1972, and Advice
(April 25, 2012)

When a person is walking in the forest and feels something is wrong, he needs to pay attention to his self defense instinct. The broken limbs on the trail was a warning (#61 sighting) for people to stay away from the area. You asked how I know this?

In 1971, while working on a logging job, I had the same thing happen to me. I was living on this site in a camper. One morning I walked to the landing only to see a hairy, heavy and upright creature peering at me from behind the yarder.

It was a very large bigfoot. For several nights we had limbs and large rocks thrown at the machinery and we chose not to take it as a sign of danger. As it turned out we never finished the job because the vandalism became extensive. Yes, the word vandalism can mean something other than human caused. We were not wanted in this area and the creatures made it clear.

62. Old Tiller Highway Sighting
(June 09, 2012)

Sighting date June 7
2012. Time 3:30am. Place, one mile up Old Tiller Highway. Statement: I was driving a crew wagon with 8 fellow employees on Old Tiller Highway, driving east to job site near Drew.

A very tall and heavy hair-covered apelike thing crossed the highway and stopped to look at us going by. It was some mix of human and ape with red glowing eyes. It then left the shoulder and disappeared into the trees.

All but two of us saw it. The other two were sleeping. We talked about calling the cops but decided not to involve ourselves with them. One in the crew knew of this site from a local paper so I decided to tell it here with anonymity.

It was not anything we have ever seen before. It was a BIGFOOT and not a misidentified animal as suggested by our boss upon him hearing about the sighting. I know this sounds incredible but we all believe this thing was 10ft and at least 900 lbs.

63. Sighting While Mushroom Hunting, Oregon
(June 10, 2012)

I saw the smaller version [bigfoot] about 6 feet tall when mushroom hunting last year in the shadows of the trees. It looked like a juvenile and made sounds that I have never heard in all my years in the woods.

I was never really able to get a really good sighting of it, but I do know the later it got it starting a calling sound. It sounded big by the sounds it was making. It started our way. I have never been scared of anything in the woods, but this thing scared me just with its vocals and sounded like King Kong coming through the woods.

I jumped in my vehicle and got out of there with my picking crew. They were scared out of their wits. I just want to say that if someone goes looking for this animal, I believe you are in for a shock and maybe an encounter that will not turn out well.

I’m serious, I had a handgun as I always do when I mushroom hunt, and I knew it was not enough fire power to protect my crew or myself. Not that I would ever think about using it against a creature that I respect and needs protected. Please, I’m not writing this as a joke and hope everyone heeds this warning. This is a big “whatever” and I feel it will protect its kind; I know the sounds it made coming through the woods that day had 6 people totally freaked out.

64. Bigfoot Advice
(Terry K)
(June 19, 2012)

Very good advice. On my sighting I saw the bigfoot rip up a large tree limb with one snap. People that claim you are in no danger when coming on a bigfoot plainly do not know any facts about what one will do. So may sites say their docile and will not harm you.

I would never give out advice on something like a wild animal’s behavior. The one bigfoot I saw would have attacked anyone or anything in front of him. I wasn’t looking for it, just came on it by bad fortune on a two day hiking trip in the southern coastal mountain range of Oregon last year. I believe it was a full grown male and it wasn’t happy with me. Pepper spray nor a pistol would have never stopped him.


65. Sighting: Mountains Between Grants Pass and Gold Beach
(Gloria Stinnitt)
(July 8, 2012)

My husband and I were talking to an ex ODF&W gentleman in a coffee shop last week. He was telling my husband and I about one of the strangest bigfoot stories I’ve ever heard of. It seems this family was camping in the high mountains between Grants Pass and Gold Beach, Oregon, when this occurred in 2009.

The family had gone to bed about eleven pm and at one am small rocks and fir cones were hitting the tent. The family inside listened for over an hour to gibbering type sounds from near the tent. I guess around 2:30 am the wife wanted her husband to go outside the tent to see what was making the ruckus. He did.

According to the ODF&W man the husband walked out the entrance of the tent right into a giant hairy manlike thing standing near the tent. He said the bigfoot creature shoved the husband into the side of the tent then turned and walked off on two legs like a man.

The husband could see from the dim light of the coals in the fire that all together there were three creatures. One of them was only around 4 foot tall with the other two over eight feet in height.

They went to the nearest place to report the night action. The man that was telling us this story was the one who went to the camp and found over 23 footprints of enormous size and 14 smaller ones. The prints were of a human like bare foot with five toes. Also the tent had been ripped apart and all the food in the camp had been eaten or carried off.

The man took pictures of the camp site, cast the prints and collected a large amount of scat and turned it over to the OSP for further examination. He said as far as he knew nothing was ever found to match either the prints or scat. The man said he absolutely believes these creatures were a family of sasquatches.

66. Sitkum Report
(July 15, 2012)

It was and my meaning Bigfoot SIGHTINGS, yes. Thank you for the correction. The best report and physical evidence I personally handled throughout the years was the (Sitkum) report from eastern Coos County.

This report was filed in 1993 by a very reputable couple that got very close up details of the creature. A camera was used and if my memory serves me right 5 excellent photos were turned over to us. It was my thoughts then and now that no such photos could have been hoaxed.

It depicted a very husky apelike creature on a dirt logging trail dragging a fresh killed deer by the horns into the timberline.
The creature in the pictures was male in gender and had a very dark brown coat of hair on it. Very large dark eyes were also apparent. By examination of the tree line we estimated the creature at 9 feet 2 inches. Several details clearly showed its face; chest, torso area and legs were moving in a manor not used by man.

The movements were much like movements that might be made with larger strides on a larger scale. The report was forwarded along with the pictures to the Portland office. Again like many bigfoot reports this report contained vital evidence that was never filed or cataloged for further investigation. We simply were not allowed to ever catalog these reports and sightings.

67. Bigfoot Gathering Mushrooms?
(Missy Cabic)
(September 24, 2012)

I had two experiences. And I don’t think they are the “same ole, same ole” like the other ones you were talking about the other day. LOL! I think it was in the spring of about 1998-99, my ex-husband woke me up at about three in the morning. We lived in Atlanta, Michigan at the time, which is about half way between Gaylord and Alpena. He woke me up and was visibly shaken. He told me, “Come here to the back porch, gotta hear this.”

I went with him to the sliding glass door on the back porch and heard the most Good-awful sound I have ever heard in my life. We had 40 acres on a corner lot and this was coming from the state-owned woods to our southwest. It sounded like someone or something was dying. It was terrible and it went on every 30 seconds or so for almost an hour. I have heard the other animals in the area before, bobcat, coyote, fox, birds, etc. This was nothing like that!

It was very eerie and haunting. Whatever was making that howl/scream/noise had to have a HUGE lung capacity!

Also, that following summer when I was coming home from work, I was coming down one of the many dirt “back roads” to get home and I saw, what at first I thought might be a horse, running very fast through some VERY THICK  swamp. I turned to look at it and I saw that it was not a horse, but something on two legs and about 8 or 9 feet tall.

I have never seen anything move that fast! Especially through a cedar swamp! I glanced at the road to make sure I was not going to crash and when I looked back, it was out of sight. I don’t know if it had run out of my field of vision or had stopped and was hiding. I think it might have decided to squat down and hide.

In hindsight, I wonder if it was running to protect or hide a juvenile...? I had to continue on my way home and the whole way, I was terrified that it would come running out of the woods and cut me off on the road. I was in a little GEO Tracker with a soft-top and as big, tall, fast and muscular as this thing was, it could have opened my car like it was tin foil and there wouldn’t have been a thing I could have done to prevent it!

I did in fact make it home and I never saw the creature again. Here’s another thing that happened, that I think (now that I look back on it) that may have been bigfoot related: I was staying at my Dad’s cabin in Munising in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This cabin is WAY out in the woods with no electricity or running water. We went for a walk out in the woods surrounding the cabin (there are NO trails or anything, just thick hardwoods) and at one point we felt like we were being watched. Talk about a creepy feeling! And then we came upon this log where it looked like someone had been sitting on the log collecting mushrooms. There was a very neat pile of mushroom caps on the log and all the stems of the mushrooms were on the ground by the log. At the time, I didn’t think too much of it. But looking back at how remote the area is and how there are NO people up there around this cabin for miles. I am thinking that this could have been a bigfoot out gathering mushrooms and we came along and interrupted it.

68. Alpine-Monroe Sighting
(Novemeber 2012)

Linda, I have had two encounters right here in the valley near Alpine-Monroe area and one while I lived in Ohio while in a tent camping at the Salt Fork state park area that you see on the Finding bigfoot show.

Each time it is a very scary time as I know each one has got to have a different personality and the belief that they will never hurt you should never be reported to the John Q public, like these shows you see on Television.

The last encounter was the worst as far as scared because I was hunting mushrooms and wasn't even giving it a thought that it was possible to see one again. I was just coming over the top of the hill and was just about to go over  and go down, when I got this feeling something was looking at me; the hair stood on the back of my neck.

I know this feeling and if you are ever in the woods and you get this feeling, don't ignore it and start looking around. I looked down the hill and there he stood about 50 yards away, coming uphill. He hid behind a slag pile and was stomping his feet for some reason and let out a roar that to this day, still will wake me up at night.

He then started making a noise like a chattering sound and it sounded like a person behind me was trying to say something in words but I could not understand it, nor saw anything. He could have come up that hill in three steps if he had wanted to and do me physical damage.

I did not want to be between him and his family, so I went down the right side of the hill on a newly made logging trail. I was shaking so bad when I got to the truck that I swore I would never go into the woods again, at least by myself, but have been out there many times since.

I love your site and try to read it everyday if possible. Wish more people would comment and wish I could see the one at
Sru Lake. I would love to hear from others that would like to go camping there to see if we could lure that mean, not scared of people damaging sucker out. We'd have proof then.

Thanks again Linda and have a great
69. Glendale-Wolf Creek Oregon Area Sighting (1983)
  Back around 1983 or so, I was setting up a business in Ashland and had to make a trip to Glendale and the Wolf Creek area. My partner and I were driving there.  We were in the area of Jump Off Joe Creek and I saw something right off the road (I-5).

It was odd, tall, and I could smell musk coming in the window. I then got a good look as we passed. It was what I would say was a large animal walking on two feet about 10 feet tall.

I told my partner to stop and we got out of the car and walked back about 100 yards. We could smell musk and then saw a a big hairy animal take off and run up the creek. It took the animal, or what I thought was a bigfoot, no time to run up the hill. I clearly saw and smelled what I believe to be Bigfoot there.
70. 60’s  (Near Mehama, Oregon)
March 2013

The first one is from an old friend of mine who lives in Mehama, Oregon. Mehama is not that far from Detroit Lake. He has lived at the same place since the early 60's.

I was at his house visiting a couple years ago. I knew he used to be an avid hunter in his younger years; so I asked him if he had ever heard about bigfoot or believed in such a thing.

Well to my surprise he said yes. He told me that he used to have hounds and hunted bear and cougar with them. One evening he loaded up his hounds in his truck and headed to an area to hunt. He parked the truck and let out his hounds. I believe he had two of them with him. They started out and were coming to an open area in the woods when the hounds started acting very upset. They seemed scared and kept close to him. They didn't want to leave his side.

He couldn't figure out what could be wrong with them. They weren't afraid of anything as they had hunted bear and cougar. He thought their actions were very strange. About that time, they came to the edge of a clearing. The dogs growled and stared across to the other side of the open space. My friend looked to see what the dogs were seeing.

He saw what could only be described as some type of gorilla. It was standing upright. The first thing that came to mind was that it must be a gorilla that had escaped from a circus or something.  He said it turned and went into the brush and trees. And it was gone.

By this time, he said, he was scared himself; so took his gun and dogs and laid down under a big spruce tree, in the ready, just in case it came back. He said the dogs were so scared they hunkered down right beside him and were shaking.

He stayed put for awhile to make sure it was all clear. Finally, he got up and headed in a hurry back to where his truck was parked; when the hounds saw the truck, they took off and jumped into the back of it as fast as they could. He got in the truck and set for awhile before heading back home. He said he’d never forget the experience. And he’s never seen anything like that since.

He also told me of another person he knew who was out hunting with hounds and saw something much like what he’d seen. This all took place back in the sixties.
After my friend told me about this sighting, it made me a believer and that there must be something out there yet to be discovered. My friend is now in his late 70's, a Christian and I believe what he told me was a fact. I hope you find this of interest....


71. China Flat, Oregon
March 18, 2013 (Sighting Date)

Linda Perry, I’ve had the most unsettling experience happen. I find myself looking for an answer elsewhere. My story will start on Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6 am.
I would first like to say that I enjoy good health and I'm not influenced by rumors or unseen fears. Well on with it!
That morning I was stopped and just sitting in my pickup at China Flats, south of Powers, waiting for a person from the Roseburg area to meet me so we could go up the mountain together to look at a select timber sale on Barlow Mountain.
It had just become light enough to see without the headlights. I had the door to my truck open drinking a cup of coffee and I was enjoying a few moments of silence in the forest. I spotted something large move in the distance across the old campsite clearing.
Thinking it was a black bear, I watched to see if it had cubs with it. The problem is it wasn't a bear. It walked out into the clearing and then apparently spotted me. It quickly turned towards the river and walked off on two legs. This was something completely unknown to me and most others I’ve talked with.
After it walked off, I was filled with a strange panic feeling and felt that it was watching me from the hillside above the river. I have to admit this thing filled me with uncontrollable panic. I could hear it snapping brush as it walked up the steep hillside.
I started up the pickup and tore out of there heading for Powers. Down the road I met the person I was waiting for. I pulled off the road as he stopped and came over to my truck. I told him what happened and he said, "JESUS!”
I told him I wanted to go to Powers to get someone to return up there with us to look for sign of this animal. When we reached Powers, we pulled into the district ranger station and waited for someone to come open it up. At 8 am the first guy pulled in and I blurted out the sighting at him.
We went in and made a report out in his office. To my amazement, he already knew what I thought I saw of this animal. He asked me, "Was it a large manlike creature, covered in dark hair and walking upright with two legs and two massive arms?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“OK, thanks for coming in,” he remarked. I have never in my life been so upset over the way he merely told me what I saw. Well I guess, I’m just anther person that claims to have seen this mysterious creature─Bigfoot

72. Douglas County Oregon
April, 2013 (Sighting date and date info. given to Ballyhoo)

Hi my name is Wade. I'm a commercial timber faller and my partner and I saw what we believe was a baby bigfoot. It was in Douglas County off Cow Creek drainage, last week. We had rocks the size of my head thrown at us and growls. I would like your opinion. Please call xxxx. Thanks Wade.

73. Douglas County Oregon
April, 2013 (Date given to Ballyhoo. Sighting two years earlier.)

We had a sighting in Douglas County two years ago in late summer at the far end of Ash Valley while picking mushrooms on I believe to be Weyerhauser land that was recently being logged.

My partners headed one way and I headed the opposite direction. I was down in a crevice below the ground picking mushrooms when I  heard someone walk very heavily up to the area I was at.

I thought it was my partners coming back and were looking for me. My sighting was blocked by branches and tall weeds and I was yelling for them to go farther up the mountain and see what was ahead and I would join them.

I smelled something that smelled dead or rancid and saw a huge shadow walk past my spot toward the top of the hill. I have had a sighting before and wanted to see this creature and was scrambling up the ravine I was in to see it and when I came out it was moving faster than any bear or human could ever move.

 It stopped and turned at the top when I screamed at it to stop. It was huge, about 7 foot tall, dark but not what I would call black, maybe a dark brown.  It didn't seem to have a neck.

Its head was conical shaped and the eyes seemed to burn a hole right through me. It stood and stared at me for what seemed like a eternity, but only minutes and turned and went into the treeline at the top.

When I could stop my body from shaking and could get my legs to move, I went back to the truck at the bottom of the hill and blew my horn to bring in my partners. They asked what that smell was when they got back to the vehicle.

No one would go to the top of the hill with me to check for prints or gather data and I wasn't going to go by myself with out a weapon.

We left and have never been back since, nor do I care to.  It was a very scary experience and one I never in a million years would want  happen to me again.

I have been in the woods all my life and I know bears very well and it was not a bear.  And why would a seven foot person be in a suit made of hair on a hot summer's  day as a prank?

74. Linton, Oregon
May 2, 2013 (Given to Ballyhoo)
Craig Phillips 40 Years in the Past

I remember that I was about ten years old; I was always kind of a loner.  I spent a great deal of time in the woods near my home in Linton, Oregon. I was heading down a trail near a step canyon. It wasn't really a canyon but it was like a valley that the creek ran through. I smelled something really bad; I thought maybe a dead animal of some kind. That is when I heard a grunt, and looked to my right. I saw a large apelike creature with light grayish hair. It ran down the ravine and leaped from one side to the other. It was amazing how far it jumped. After that it ran into the woods where I could not see it or hear it any more. To this day I still remember how big it was. It was a least 7 feet tall and wide.  I mean really wide.
Well of course, I told my mom, and my brothers, but no one ever believed me. As an adult, I'm 50 now, people just laugh and say yeah right. I was so hoping that Mr. Dyer would produce a body. I don’t know why he couldn't have just darted him instead of killing him, butoh well. When you listen to people talk about killing Bigfoot, like that Jason and I know I'll spell this wrong, Smeja , you have to wonder what they are thinking.
And what is with this day and age and no one can seem to get a get a good picture, I mean if it would have been me where those Provo Canyon kids got the video, I would have tried to get a closer shot and not run away. I know it could be dangerous, but I guess I'm a true and passionate cameraman. You know like standing my ground to get the best possible shot as a Rhino is charging. Lol yeah that's me.
Any way, I managed to get on Rick’s talk show for a moment the night of the showing, and I asked why we had to wait until the 15 of August to see the body. I heard someone on his staff say  to mute him. They muted me, so I never got my answer. 
Hey thanks for listening to my story.  Craig
75. Clackamas River, Oregon
May 2013 sent to Ballyhoo
Ken Bowlsby 44 years in the past

It was Memorial weekend 1969 and we were camping on the Clackamas River at the east end of North Fork Res. I was only 9 at the time when this encounter took place.
By this short time in my life, I had seen almost every critter that roams the beautiful Pacific North West. That is but one─the Sasquatch! I had never heard of such a thing.

On that early Saturday morning, I would see something that would stick with me for the rest of my life─like it just happened yesterday. So here's how the story goes.

We were camping like we always did, when we found time to get to    the hills. And as usual I was off checking to see if there was anyone to play with in camp.  There was and so it was time to go exploring, which is always more fun when you have someone with you. I always liked that campground.

 Off we went, hiking the trails and checking out the creek, and down to the river where this old dock was. Now, this was a great place to fish bobbers and worms. And I had a plan: we'd get up early and go down there and catch us some nice big trout for breakfast.

Dawn the next morning we headed down to the river to catch us some breakfast. On the trail it was still dark in the forest.  We made it to the dock and started fishing when all of a sudden there was this large splash in the water about 35-40 yards down stream from us. 

As I watched this head pops up and starts moving across the river. At first I thought it was a bear because I didn't see any arm or legs. 

“But wait,” I thought to myself, “it has no snout! If that's a man, he must be crazy since the water's freezing.” He made it to the other side and climbed up the bank. That's when I realized “it” was not a
 man or a bear.

It stood up. I thought, “OMG that's the biggest and hairiest
manlike thing I've ever seen." This is when the boy that was with me freaked.  He screamed, dropped his pole and ran for camp.

This of course got the attention of the creature that I was now staring at. I wondered what it was. And it was now staring at me. After what seemed like an hour, but was only a minute, it turned away and walked into the forest.

I can still remember just standing there for probably the next five minutes trying to process in my little brain what had just happened. I then gathered up our gear and walked back to camp.

And of course, no one believes young boys who tell crazy stories about giant apelike men that swims in the river.  Like all good parents they tried to tell me that it must have been a large black bear. The only thing is─they knew that I had seen plenty of black bears by this time. So I just went along and didn't speak of it again. That is until the PG film.

The Sasquatch I saw that day was a male; I would have
to say it was around 5-9 ft tall and 450-500 lbs. It was a young
 adult but built like a bodybuilder. His hair was black and his face very light-gray with a thin beard.

His eyes were very dark looking from the distance I was at. All's I can say about his nose was it kind of looked like a boxer’s (fighter not dog), but the thing that I remembered most was the feeling I had: and that was that I had nothing to fear from him. And that is something I will never forget.

Sat. May 25, 2013 marks the 44th anniversary of this encounter/event in my life. I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for your support.

 Ken Bowlsby

76. Near Remote, Oregon
June 15, 2013

There has been a new sighting of a Sasquatch over at Remote, Oregon, 6/8/2013, 6:30 PM. 

The Sasquatch was seen by three older people, on the Upper Rock Creek Road, looking for some green, long-stemmed ferns for an upcoming funeral.

The Sasquatch was rolling over a root-wad and eating something  from under it. The people retreated from the area and reported the sighting. They described the Sasquatch as a giant, hair-covered ape man, dark brown in color with a terrible stench to it.

The Sasquatch was about 30 feet below the gravel road they were driving on. When they came on the smell they started looking to see if a dead deer or elk was near. That's when they saw it. 

Where is Remote, Oregon? This town in on hwy 42 between Winston and Myrtle Point. 

77. South of Cottage Grove, Oregon
July 13, 2013

 Additional Information: Sighting 30 years ago
Six-year-old Dennis was riding his bike as fast as he could to get to his friend’s house on an early Saturday morning. In Dennis’s family Saturday was the only day the kids got to play. They lived on a farm and school and chores took up the rest of the week. So he was peddling as fast as his legs would go to get in all the play that he could on this sunny spring day.

The road had now turned to gravel. When he caught sight of the reddish-brown, seven-foot animal, it was leaning against a tree. It appeared as if it were waiting for him (maybe it heard him coming). Dennis just kept going as he was in the middle of a sharp curve in the road. Even then he was sure what he saw was a bigfoot. Over the years he has mentioned the sighting to very few people. But he remembers exactly where he saw the bigfoot. He knows exactly what tree it was leaning against. It’s a stump now.
Where he saw the animal:

Take the second I-5 exit after the Rice Hill Truck Stop. Stop at the stop sign, turn right and go until the pavement turns to gravel. I understood Dennis to say it was the second exit after the Truck Stop Exit, but it is the one where the school is. This may be the second or another one. But it is the exit where the school is. If you go to where the pavement turns to gravel you will be near to where Dennis had his sighting.While Dennis believes he can locate the exact spot the animal was, I finally just gave up trying to get the instructions. But I believe him when he says he can easily, even now, find the sighting spot.

What is interesting to me is that Dennis’ animal is not far from where a long line of bigfoot tracks was found, tracks that have been named The London Tracks. These were found just south of Cottage Grove, Oregon, in 2012 or 2013.

This sighting is number 78 in the Bigfoot Ballyhoo Archive Section.

78. 27 Year-Old-Man Has Arm Bit Off
July 18, 2013 (submitted to Ballyhoo for post)

Stories about Bigfoot- A Horror Sighting and encounter: A story told to me [John Sweet] to share publicly. More stories need to get out there. There is more about this animal people are not talking about. This one has never been shared before and it is very frightening.
 At age 26, I spent time on a family trip to Medford Oregon. It was a sultry and humid summer and we were struggling as a family at the time. We decided to leave our small town in Utah to visit my uncle and aunt, who retired in Medford.
I was a young and healthy man at the time- with no commitment- no wife or children. I had a lot on my mind at that time. I was a long – distance runner and decided to take a run and take some alone time. I was not really sure which direction I would take- but I had a small fanny pack with a bit of food and water. I also had a camel pack - because I planned to spend the day out and about.

I started out on Summit Avenue and eventually ended up on Taylor Road. I was still in town but I wanted to try to get up in the mountains. So I kept going for about a mile to Old Stage Road. I don’t remember the small lane – but it started with a "p" and I followed it straight up into the Gold Hill area. Seems irresponsible- I know, but like I said- I had a lot on my mind and the beauty of that area captivated me.

 At the end of the small lane- I found myself close to the top of a ridge. I started my run about 6 am and it was close to noon. I sat and had a snack and water. The air was tantalizing and the smell of the forest was intoxicating. I wanted to get to the top of the ridge and find the best view I could. I very much didn’t think it would take long.

I started hiking, off-trail, right up toward the summit through some thick forest.  The hike was extreme and I barely made it to what I thought was the ridge. But when I arrived- I saw another ridge with what seemed to be a road. Curiosity killed the cat and got the best of me- so I trekked off to the distant road. I reached a dirt road at the top of the ridge where I had an awesome view of the Rogue River. I could also see an open area of dirt and salty looking material where some strip mining of some kind was happening. So- against better judgment- I thought I was very close to civilization and thought I would follow this dirt road back down the mountain.

Well- it didn’t go down the mountain – it just continued along the ridge line. Hours had passed and I was out of food. I had water and a camel pack. But was almost out. So- I turned around in an attempt to retrace my steps. BIG mistake. I thought I retraced my steps back to the ravine I thought I climbed up. I started to descend and fell down a short cliff and hit my head- which knocked me out cold.

When I awoke- the sun had started to set. I was still on the steep hill-side, but a large tree had stopped me from continuing to fall. I wrestled to get my bearings straight. The sunset was amazing. Deep purples blended into an increasing blackened sky. I felt overwhelmed by a rotten smell of some kind. It reminded me of really bad milk someone had left in the fridge for WAY too long.

I tried to get up to my feet and get stable so I could figure out where I was. I had a lot of blood dripping down my face. So I wiped my eyes with my hand and when I opened my eyes- I saw a massive animal with its arms and legs wrapped around a large tree like a gorilla. But its feet were not wrapped all the way around the tree- it was using the insides of its feet to hold itself on the tree- kind of like natives do when climbing up coconut trees. And the feet were very large and human looking.

 I was only about 25 feet away from me. It just stared at me and didn’t move a muscle. A cold and dark fear came over me that I will not forget to this day. The hair was beautiful and full- all around the body, head fingers and on top of the feet. The sunset was lighting up the furry hair to a brilliant red color. The skin around his eyes, nose and mouth was hairless and dark grey. His finger nails were a similar dark gray, which really made them stand out and for some reason made his hands very frightening to me. Maybe because they were so massive and human looking. I could clearly see his eyes because he stared so intently at me – as though he wanted to kill me. They were dark brown and the pupils were very dilated and jet black.

I couldn’t really see whites of his eyes- just dark brown. His nostrils flared as he breathed and they seemed like dark caverns. His mouth was strangely broad with an even broader lower jaw. There really was no neck and he held his head low. It was getting darker and I wanted to get out of there. So I began to slowly move my way up the mountain- and he just kept his eyes fixed right on me. The feeling was horrific. The fear I cannot describe. I continued and he stayed perfectly petrified – no movement except for his deadly eyes.

I got anxious and began moving more quickly. I kept my body and face toward him which caused me to begin moving up the hill backwards, resulting in my tripping over a log in a sudden jerking movement. At that moment, he leapt from the tree at a speed toward me I can't describe. His decisive leap was extremely accurate because he landed nearly on top of me. Mind you- that would have been a 25 foot span to cover through the air- at least.

When he landed, he was straddling me with his one foot at the left of my legs and his one foot on the right. He squatted over me with his hands on his knees. At that moment I decided my life was over. With his massive hand, he reached down toward my waist, wrapped his banana like fingers around my fanny pack- and ripped it apart. He seemed to be looking for food of some kind. He did the same thing with my camel pack. Smelling the items and tasting them with his huge tongue.

I stayed as quiet as I possibly could during this ordeal. He continued to hover over me, breathing deeply through his massive nostrils. His chest was huge and made me feel like he could crush me instantly. He started smelling one side of my body- my left arm and left leg. Then moved to my right leg and when he got to my right arm- he took a bite with no hesitation. The bite was crushing and excruciatingly painful. His entire mouth fit around my forearm and I could hear my bones crushing.

 He instantly stood up and I could see my lower arm and hand in his mouth and it took me time to realize he severed my arm in one quick bite. At once he jumped toward another large tree and grabbed it with his massive arms and stood on the sides of the tree using the insides of his feet. It was horrifying. He looked back at me with my lower arm still in his mouth- and then jumped to the forest floor. I could hear him running through the trees. I stayed quiet and still, holding my arm in writhing pain, until I could no longer hear the animal running away.

And I DO call this beast and animal. He may have human features- but so do a lot of other primates, but that don't make 'em human. Human's don't eat other humans- period! I get very tired of hearing people talk about these animals like they are "wildmen" - not so. They are simply wild animals that eat big mammals and when hungry enough- that includes us.
I got up and, by this time it was dark, started hiking as best I could up to the road. I attempted to walk along the road. I walked until it was very late and I began to feel too weak. I was shocked and amazed when I saw headlights. A USFS jeep was inspecting the area and found me- nearly passed out alongside the road.

I came to find out later he was searching for a Sasquatch- but he didn’t call it a Sasquatch. He called it something that sounded like “Neferious” or “Neterious”. I don’t remember. He sad something about their "habitat" and how a few were losing their land and food source- resulting in them searching for food closer to human settled areas. I guess I was the first big "food" source this animal had come across in a while. What I don't understand is why he didn't eat me entirely- he was big enough to have done so.

He had to have been 10 feet tall. I was taken to a hospital and, of course, my story was not believed. It was decided by my doctors that a cougar had attacked me- though no claw marks anywhere on my body- just a missing arm.

Drawing by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by beFunky

79. KS
July 21, 2013

My Name is KS
I wish to make my sighting part of your record of Sasquatch experiences.
Your site has given me courage. I am shy about sharing my experience. It is a relief to see more and more from USFS posting the truth.  I spent time as an archaeological assistant several semesters each year while in graduate and post-graduate school. We definitely knew about the bigfoots. We were given a reference card, which included the accepted scientific taxa accepted by the USFS. I kept it to this day-

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family:  Omniambientiadae
Genus: Omniambientiachus
O. arktos
O. nerteros pacificus
O. somphos
O. americanus
O. texicanus
O. amazonia

I remember learning about Dr. Miller and the debates about classifying the animal, and the taxonomy keeps changing each decade or so. But his species classification has stayed the test of time.
Because the animal is a hodgepodge of various primate qualities from New World Monkeys, to prosimian, to Old World Monkeys, it was recently determined to create a single new family of Primate. This new family literally means all – in – one or all encompassing.
As an archaeological assistant for the United States Forest Service, we were assigned to very remote areas in the Pacific Northwest. Of course we knew we could encounter three different kinds of bigfoots- O. arktos, O. nerteros pacificus, and O.americanus. One early morning while at a study site in the gold hill area- I noticed a herd of running big-black-tail. The deer ran through an open grove. It seemed like out of no-where when a large bigfoot (O. nerteros pacificus) jumped from the tree line and landed on top of a large blacktail. It nearly straddled the deer and flung its huge muscular arm around the neck of the deer, pulling it to the ground. Once the deer was to the ground- the bigfoot clamped its huge jaws onto the neck of the deer and shook it violently. I was terrified- especially when it looked up at me and stared momentarily. Then it grabbed the deer by its neck and dragged it off.
Anytime I tell the story- I am ridiculed. I hope more forest service or fish and wildlife employees start speaking up.

Please only use my initials when posting online.

BTW [By The Way]
This is what the other side of the reference card says: (Note: O. n.p. is the reference to bigfoots. O. nerterus pacificus)____________
When encountering unexpected O. n.p. wildlife
While driving a vehicle:
Keep Headlights, taillights, mirrors, and all windows clean and clear
Slow down and try to avoid the animal.
Note: If encountering O. n.p., it is safer to hit the animal rather than to drive off the shoulder and risk a head-on collision.
O. n.p. that display dangerous characteristics should be destroyed
Private Livestock and O. n.p.
At times the O. n.p. may feed on private live stock on federal lands, notify your supervisor immediately and maintain confidentiality.
Exercise extreme caution in the presence of O. n.p.
Keep alert for O. n.p. at all times

WO Amendment 6709.11-99-1 Page 10-18

Updated: 1999
80. Mr Glenn
July 25, 2013 

Guest Editor-Blogger:Mr. Glenn @@@@@
November 2nd 2012 started out to be a day like many others for me. I am a school teacher of 18 years for a local school district here in Oregon. On this morning I left for school at 6 am because I live out in the country several miles from town.

After about a half hour of travel I came upon a car flipped on its top with the headlights still shining. I quickly ran up to the car to see if anyone had been hurt. A lady and her son were in the car and I yelled at her to help me open the jammed door so I could help her and her son out of the car because I could smell gasoline in the air and was afraid the car would catch on fire.

I called 911 and told the dispatcher about the accident and location. The woman in the car was so afraid asking me over and over "if that thing was still on the road." I asked her "What thing are you talking about?" She said some kind of monster sized apelike creature was crossing the road when she over corrected trying not to hit it and hit the bank and turned over.

I assured her no monsters were around. After a few minutes with my help she and her son were safe outside the wreck. I took them to my car and let them sit in back while I waited for the police and a ambulance to arrive. The woman pointed towards the treeline and told me this apelike thing came onto the road from over there. 

When the police arrived I told him what the woman had told me. We walked over to the edge of the road and there they were. They were huge human like prints looking to be more than 15 inches long with five toes on each foot. The debth of them suggested something heavy had made them.

The police took pictures of the prints along with something he found a few feet away. He got a clear bag from his truck and scooped up what appeared to be feces from the ground. He asked me if I had seen the accident and I told him that I had come along just afterwards.

He asked me many questions about the state of the woman and boy in the car. By then the EMTs had taken her and the boy to the nearest hospital. I found out later that day both were not badly hurt. 

A day went by and on my way home from school I stopped at the site of the wreck. I wanted to get a better look at those tracks. They had been destroyed by someone with a shovel. Why would anyone want to destroy them? I have since became friends with the family and believe that bigfoot walked out in front of her car causing her to wreck.

81. AG
Aug. 2014

It was Sat. May 4 2013. I was on a date. My Brother in-law has a band that was playing at Romar’s in Merlin, and so since my date was new to this area I drove us out to Merlin. After a few sets with the band we were ready to get going. I suggested we take a drive down to where I wanted to take him hiking, Renie Falls.
It was dark out but we drove down to the Graves Creek Boat Landing. I can’t remember the time exactly. It was well past 11 when we left the bar and with the drive time I’m guessing about 12:30 or 1 am. I defiantly did not look at the time of the occurrence in fact I spent a couple of weeks trying to forget about it.
What I saw driving us back that night was so incredible I can’t put into words the intensity of the shock. I immediately told myself after it happened, that it didn't. It was too intense. It took weeks for it to sink in that what I saw that night was a Bigfoot.

Unfortunately my date had nodded off while we were driving back and saw nothing; I said nothing to him about it because I was unsure of how he would react. As I barley new him and I was having trouble believing it myself.
These are the words I use to describe what occurred. I was driving from Graves Creek Boat Landing. It was 12:30 or 1 am Sat. 5-4-13. Just past where the road changes back to two lanes but before The Lodge. It was so fast. Unbelievably fast, ninja fast and I can’t stress that enough. A flash more than anything is what I saw from the left side of the road to the right. It took only two leaps for it to clear the road completely; by the third leap it went straight up the cliff on my right side.
 Another thing that makes me certain is that it was shedding.  It looked like the huge tufts you would see on a wolf in the wild. The tufts of hair were lighter in color and that is what stood out in my headlights. Its body hair was much darker.  In comparison to my surrounding, it was at least 9 or even 10 feet tall.
It had a hair covered body with wide shoulders and very muscular. It ran upright at a full sprint across the road in front of me. It was as big as a full size elk standing up. But it was not an elk nor a cougar nor anything I have ever seen in my life.
I am a second generation native Oregonian. I was born in Josephine County and raised in Merlin till we moved when I was 15 years old to Grants Pass. But I have lived here in this area all my life. I have camped and rafted the river with my family weekend after weekend, summer after summer just in that same location where I saw it.
I hike down to Renie Falls twice a year and have routinely for the last 3 years. I sometimes go alone but have my two dogs along. Now I think I may be too scared to go at all. I want to thank you again for your time. You have an incredible blog site that I feel comfortable enough to share my experience with.

I am 100% relieved to be able to share this with you. I am only confused about one thing and that was how fast it was. I couldn't find it mentioned much in other sightings. I am certain now after much time to think that I was just very lucky to be in that place at that time, and I got to see a bigfoot!


82. JB
Sept. 2013

8-22-13--22 miles west of Glendale. Douglas Complex Wildfire. 

ACR discovered a body of a unknown animal at 11 miles up Upper Union Creek-Road-Cow Creek. The body was first thought to be a human but then it was discovered it was not human. The body had been lightly scorched by the oncoming fire but was found in a very shallow grave like mound.

 The body was partly decomposed showing death sometime earlier than the fire. Inspection of the body showed the remains of some type of primate thought to be a juvenile. The remains was taken to Portland for further exam.

In this area bones from deer and other animals were found showing evidence that this was some sort of a feeding place. Crews were asked not to talk about the body till exams were complete.

1 week later officials told us it was a large bear. Those of us that helped with the removal of the body saw what we absolutely know were hands with five fingers and feet with five toes and definitely not bear. The face was not bear. It was more human shaped with no snout.

We think the height of the body was somewhere around 5 1/2 to 6 ft and 250+ lbs. No clothes were found on or near the body or in the mound. The arms were longer than human. The remains showed the body was onetime covered with brown hair. The hair was 3 to 4 inches long and finer than bear fur. 

Sept. 4, 2013

Last weekend we really had a bad camping trip. We actually had planed the trip into the forest last summer but couldn't go because of work schedule problems. This last weekend my husband and I went into a remote area of southwestern Oregon.

The first night we got rain and thunder all night. Saturday night it looked to be getting ready to rain again so we slept in the SUV instead of the tent. Along around 3 am I was awakened by the sound of something approaching the SUV.

I could hear footsteps getting closer and closer and the distinct sound of heavy breathing and limbs breaking in the tree line. We had the windows cracked down enough so we could get fresh air and hear the beautiful sounds of the forest. My husband sleeps like a flat rock so he didn't wake up. Then a unpleasant smell filled the air. A musky smell quite overwhelming.

I remained very quiet not to scare whatever was outside. The rain, thunder and lighting had began. Then a long flash of lighting hit I saw a huge shape of something just outside the back door. Again I remained very still as it walked around the SUV and it bent over to peer in. I could see its face through the glass. It wasn't a human face but not a bears ether. Something between human and ape is how I would describe it. It walked off on two legs after around 10 minutes after looking the tent over real good.

My husband woke up around 5 am and asked me "Did you sleep well?" "Are you kidding?" I replied. I told him what had happened and he just laughed saying "Honey it was just a little black bear." 

He stood where I had seen it bend over to look in and at 6 ft 4 inches he still was a 2 feet shorter than the creature. I was never was so mad in my life at him. I can't tell my sighting at work because I'm a dispatcher for a sheriffs' department and 911 operator.

My husband did not find any tracks on the rocky ground outside the SUV. He doesn't believe bigfoot is real but now I know it is. 

84. DS and KS
Submitted Sept. 15, 2013

Our sighting began on a hiking trip on Snout Creek in November 1980. Snout Creek is now called Bear Camp Road #23 and is over in southwestern Oregon near the tiny village of Agness.

I had just returned from a tour of duty in Germany. I was born in Northern California in 1952. My wife was a naturalist for the forest service in California and born in 1961. We had went up to Oregon to a friends wedding at Gold Beach and planned to stay for a week camping along the Rogue River.

On this morning we decided to hike up a narrow steep trail from Snout Creek to Shasta Costa Creek some four miles south. Packed with plenty of food and water we started up the old trail at daylight. We had walked somewhere around 2 miles when the trouble began. At 7:30 am my wife complained of a feeling someone was watching us.

I looked around and found nobody near. Then when a very faint sound of something in the brush just off the trail and to our right became louder I began to notice a smell of what I thought was a dead animal. My wife said to me "Something's not right here."

We walked on watching back down the trail and to our sides. The sound of branches snapping got louder and closer. I told her we can't turn back because whatever it was had to be behind us and off the trail. We walked slowly on up to a large rock right beside the trail where we stood for some time.

I had my pistol in hand and thought this would be the best place to defend ourselves. Suddenly a dark, hair-covered manlike creature walking on two legs slowly walked out onto the trail some thirty feet behind us.

It looked at us with its large dark eyes for what seemed to be several minutes. My wife was completely in full panic mode and I wasn't much better. Even though I've been trained for dangerous situations the very sight of the giant creature had fear overtaking me. I didn't know if the creature would attack or retreat.

I shouted if you come any closer I'll shoot. The creature didn't respond and said nothing. After looking at us for what seemed like minutes it walked on across the trail and down a very steep incline. 

Soon the feeling of fear lifted and we carefully went back down the trail and back to camp. We went to the Cougar Lane Store and reported the sighting by phone to the police. The lady on the phone took the report and told us that one of the patrols would stop by our camp later that day. When he arrived he asked me about the creature.

When I told him the estimated height and build he smiled and said OK. I know when a person is scared things get bigger than they really are but I'm telling you this creature was over nine feet tall and near one thousand pounds.

Sept. 2013 

Linda, I work as a subcontractor doing contract work on occasion doing survey work for the BLM or USFS before timber sales ensuring that species such as the red salamander or red tailed vole do not get endangered any more than they are now.

These two government agencies are so dedicated at saving these species that they spend millions ensuring their safety. The thing is that as part of their contract if you want to continue working for them you must maintain a no see, no hear, attitude.

These timber sales no longer fund our schools or services such as the sheriffs patrol, which is a shame since so much timber is leaving our state to the overseas markets and the people that it belongs too are getting nothing.

For the BLM to admit that this creature that I have encountered at least 4 times in the last 5 years of camping in the woods as I work, where there is locked gates to keep people out and sometimes locked for years, would put a lot of people out of work and probably bankrupt the United States because of the jobs and service industry that logging brings to our communities.

To speak of my encounters would cost me my income. That is why I think to bring someone into the spotlight and want to verify some information that they take up the nerve to put their lively hood on the line is no option.

I would love to talk about my encounters but until I can not do the work that I love doing I must remain silent. 

86  Sandra
Sept. 30, 2013

People in general don't think about what happens to people who see bigfoot. My sighting was so frightening that I've never got over it fully.

The sighting happened on Burnt Mountain near Skeeter Camp a few years ago. My husband and I were camping here with another couple from Roseburg during Elk season. The guys had left in the pickup to go look at a clearing where they had seen Elk the week before.

It was a sunny morning so my friend and I decided to hike a old trail nearby. On this trail were many mushrooms and areas of wild Azalea plants. We started up the trail and walked about a mile when we noticed a bad smell and strange knocking sounds coming from somewhere close. I thought the sounds were of a woodpecker but my friend didn't.

We would walk then stop and listen to the knocking and sounds of underbrush snapping. After just a few minutes we decided to return to the trailers. We started back down the trail only to see a very tall and husky black hair covered creature walk out onto the trail. We froze in place.

The creature looked at us with huge black eyes and its yellowish block like teeth showing in its mouth. We were petrified. I told my friend to turn around and follow me because it seemed the creature was locked in a stare down with us. We couldn't move. We were both too scared to move.

Then the creature walked off the trail after a few minutes. We stood in place for what seemed to be a hour. Afraid to go down the trail and maybe meet it again. After a while we made our way back down the trail still hearing the knocking sound. About half way back we saw it again just inside the trees off the trail. It was following us.

We started running and finally came out on the road next to the camp. We hurried to the my trailer and locked ourselves inside. I had a rifle inside and was scared enough to use it if it came close to the trailer. It never did and as soon a our husbands got back we packed up and moved to another area.

The guys went back and found tracks of a large human shape almost 19 inches long. My husband came back to the trailer and told me what they had found and that we just cant report this because we'll be the laughing stock of Roseburg.

So I let it remain inside me for a couple years. Finally I got so bad with panic attacks I had to seek help. So talk about your sighting don't let it fester inside you. It can ruin your health to hold stress inside you. Talk to someone you trust. 

87. Cory
Oct. 9, 2013

I was very moved by the lady that reported her sighting during Elk season on Ballyhoo. In fact it moved me to the point where I'll tell what happen to me.

I've been hunting deer in Coos/Douglas counties this year. Last week I was walking on a very old logging road that is only accessible by foot on Weaver Ridge. It was shortly after daylight when I began walking on this old dirt road. I walked for a long time as the old road went up a very steep mountainside. Half way to the old landing, I heard what sounded like a loud whistle in the air. It sounded like someone that is good at the kind of whistle people do with their fingers and mouth.

I knew no one was around because the only way in was the road I was walking. Then again I heard another very loud whistle sound. Minutes later came a sound of some wood or rock beating on something. I started to get alarmed because the area had no sign of any wildlife around. I came upon a old log laying across the road so I set down and took out my field glasses to scope the mountainside. 

As I scanned the area I caught a sight of a very large animal covered in black hair, walking down an old game trail. What was startling was--I watched this animal walking on two legs. It would walk and stop and then seemly smell the air with its head tipped back.

I could see it was some apelike man creature. I watched as it passed a tree and I came to the conclusion that it was a least eight to nine foot tall or better. It had long massive arms on it. It reached out and pulled some leaves off an alder tree, then it seemed to look at them in its hand.

All of a sudden a whistle rang out somewhere off in the distance. I watched the creature throw its head back and let out a whistle back. After the whistle it looked over in my direction like it had spotted me. It let out a deep whoop,whoop sound and took off into the cover of the timber.

I jumped up and took off at a full run back towards my car. It took me 30 minutes to get back to the car, the whole time huffing and puffing and looking back to see if that thing was after me. I will never go deer hunting alone ever again.

 Now [I'm] a believer of BIGFOOT.

88. Must Be Anon
Oct. 14, 2013 (submitted to Ballyhoo)

You know people like Cory telling about his encounter helps others that are afraid to tell about a sighting they've had. I'm no exception to the rule.

 In August 2013, I was doing a timber line survey on Upper Rock Creek near Remote,Oregon. I have been employed by BLM for 22 years as a surveyor on timber sales. I never really thought one way or the other about sasquatch or bigfoot. I certainly never thought I would ever see one.

On this August morning the fog had just lifted off a mountainside I was to run a line on. This was an area where I had done some other pre-sale work. I had left the pickup on a turnout and followed a game trail down to the bottom of the canyon where a small creek runs water year around. I wasn't really paying attention to the surroundings because I had already been down this trail twice that week.

When I reached the creek, I noticed the water was very muddy looking. At about that same time I heard the sounds of water splashing just up around the bend in the creek. I walked up the side of the creek to see what was going on. Well, what I saw was unbelievable. Two upright beings covered in hair one dark brown and one a light brown were laying in the creek rolling themselves over and over apparently cooling off in the creek.

The water wasn't deep enough to completely cover them. The light brown being was a female because it had visible breasts on it, the other darker one was a male. I will not comment on why I know he was male. They bathed or washed themselves for a few more minutes then the male stood up on his legs.

At that time I was froze in place behind the brush on the bank. He was enormous in size. Then the female stood up and she was somewhat smaller but in no way my size. I'm 6' 3 and 205 and these beings were much larger than me.

They slowly started to walk up the creek and I noticed both of these things had very muscular arms and torsos. The arms were longer than human. The faces were somewhat apelike with features not ape like but somewhat human. Both faces were a deep dark brown weathered look. After a few minutes more, they disappeared from site by walking up the opposite side of the canyon into the timber

I remained still for what seemed at least 30 minutes then went back to the pickup. All the way back to the office I thought about how I was going to report this.

I never did say a word because I had remembered what happened to a colleague that reported seeing one last year.He was retired by force. The sale has since been pulled because of water quality concerns over logging it. I still feel guilty that I had to remain silent.

89. Utah Glen
Oct. 29, 2013 

To me bigfoot was nothing more than children stories until Oct 2003. That year I was invited to
Oregon to hunt elk with my cousin from Myrtle Creek. We had planned a hunting trip for years, but never seemed to get it done until we were both over 65. I had arrived at my cousin’s house on Oct 30th just days before elk season was to open.

Our tags were for the Tioga area in Coos County near Burnt Ridge just some 23 miles Northwest of Tenmile. We were camped at a place called Elk Wallow on Burnt Mountain Ridge Road. On this morning the weather was cold and windy. We decided that we would walk some of the older roads not open to traffic. I decided to try a road called Cabin Creek.

The road was dirt (muddy) and not passable by 4 wheelers. As I walked this road I became aware of a feeling that someone was watching me. This feeling was intensified by a faint odor of dead animal. I had smelled this in Vietnam in the 60s from dead goats. The feeling and smell stayed with me the further I walked.

Then finally I reached a place where I decided to stop and watch and scope out this logged off area. I noticed the area had been burnt by a wildfire some years before. Most of the giant sized timber was still standing with black bark around the base of the trees. As I was watching the timber for elk, I happened to notice some movement just inside the tree line near the creek in the bottom. Thinking elk had been lying down and were starting to move I got the shock of my life.

As I watched through my glasses I saw a heavy built man stand up and start walking towards the creek. Right away I realized this was no man. The shape was humanlike but covered in dark hair. As it walked to the creek I could see the back of it. It was completely covered with fur about 4 inched except what looked to be a strip down its head and back which was somewhat longer 5 or 6 inches.

 It stopped at the creek, bent down and scooped up water with its big hands. Then it stood up and turned towards me. At that time I got a great look at its face. The face was a dirty gray look. The nose was flat and eyes were large and solid black. It looked to be a mixture of human and ape. It looked around and I could see its head basically set on its massive shoulders without a normal neck. The head was slanted back into a dome shape on the crown. It had huge powerful jaws like an ape. It looked to be over eight feet tall judging by the brush height dotting the creek.

For some reason I started to get very nauseous and became dizzy. It was most likely my nerves and the stench this thing gave off in the wind. I got a sense that I was in danger thou I don't understand why. It never did see me. After a while it crossed the creek and disappeared into the vast stand of timber. I remained still and could hear it breaking twigs as it walked off.

I remained there for 20 minutes or so until the sick feeling started to leave. As I walked back the dirt/old gravel road, I noticed several large footprints on the road I had not seen on my way in.

When I returned to camp I told my cousin what had happened. He really didn't know what to believe. Actually if I were him I would have most likely been the same. No one wants to realize that the world we live in isn't just as we were told as kids.

90 Edward Pauhls
Nov. 25, 2013

I just got this report from a couple: The sighting was at Rock Creek in the
Siskiyou Mountains in Southwestern Oregon on November 23, 2013. The couple, their names I’ll not publish, had been camping at Daphine Grove on the #33 mainline for two days. On Friday they moved the camp trailer to Rock Creek Campground some 5 miles south. Friday night they sat around the campfire and talked till around midnight. They went to bed only to be awakened at 3: AM by the family dog barking near the trailer door. The dog would not settle down and was very agitated. First thing they remembered was that they were in the campground alone. No other campers around to suspect being the cause. The husband opened the door after around 15 minutes to have a look outside at the camp. He saw nothing so they went back to bed and nothing happened for the remainder of the night. The next morning after breakfast they hiked the old trail up to Azalea Lake. The husband told me the lake was nearly impossible to walk around because downed snags were thick along the lake shore. They spent a good deal of the morning looking over the lake and surrounding land. They went back to camp at 11AM. When they returned to the campground they noticed someone had torn the small woodpile apart and scattered the wood all around.

The husband believed it to be a black bear because the coffee grounds from the pot near the fire pit had been emptied and bears do like coffee grounds. They stacked the wood back up near the fire and ate lunch. About 2 PM they noticed a loud knocking sound coming from up on the mountain somewhere. It was a loud wood knocking with periods of silence then more knocking. This went on for over an hour. They discussed what the sound might be and the husband thought it could be a buck deer hitting its horns against a tree. Finally the sound quit and they settled in for the evening. At 4 PM they were sitting around the fire having coffee when the wife saw movement behind a tree in the next campsite. It was really just a quick flash of something dark in color she explained. She asked her husband if bears come close to people on purpose. He told her they don't as a habit. She was explaining to the husband where she saw the dark shadow. When she pointed over to the tree they both noticed a large head looking from behind the tree at them. They both bolted for the trailer because the head was not a bear’s but something somewhat human shaped. He looked out the trailer window and saw the outline of something very large walk on two legs from the tree to another large tree. He explained it was covered in dark hair and massive in size compared to a normal human. After that they waited for some time with nothing moving outside. They threw their few outside belongings into the pickup bed and left the campground. They didn't return to the camp till the next morning. Nothing had been disturbed expect once again the coffee pot was empty of grounds and the small pile of wood was again scattered. They are convinced they saw a bigfoot, not a bear. He walked to the tree the next morning and approximately measured the height of the head from the ground and he believes it was 9 feet 2 inches from the base of the tree.


91 Mark and Lorie
Nov. 28, 2013

One was in
Ash Valley, [Oregon] area out of Loon Lake. It was within 30 yards of me and my fiancĂ©e, and it was the most terrifying one [of my sightings]. This creature was about 8 foot tall and 4 foot wide and snarled at us, as well as staring us down for about 3 minuets─which seemed like an hour. I feared for our lives. I now carry a hand gun of significant power when in the woods. He made several advances at us and I didn't think I would be sitting here today writing this.

 The other 2 [sightings] were in the area west of Monroe near Alpine, which is on the way to Corvallis. These were almost kind of tranquil in a way and that is how I have come to the conclusion that the red-eyed creatures are a different hybrid type animal and are very aggressive. I hope our luck continues and we have more encounters as now we leave treats behind when we leave an area and check it the next day for any sign. So far we’ve only had a small stack of flat rocks that were stacked in a very strange way, and were not there the day before; and some bird feathers that were placed on the ground where we placed some apples and snickers bars the day before.

 Would love to have you come out one day and we will go enjoy the day walking the woods, and the night at one of our local wineries at dinner, which would be our treat.

Have a great Thanksgiving and keep up the good work. Please don't say you never want to see a bigfoot again as I want everyone that has seen one to come forward. I want to go there and investigate if it is within days of the sighting with respect to the area and the creature.


92 SOB Member
Dec. 11, 2013

A Camas Valley rancher tells of a strange creature walking in a field. A well known rancher in the Camas Valley, Oregon, area reported he observed a very large manlike creature walk across his field and disappear into woods on Sunday December 8, [2013.] The creature was seen near a apple orchard in his north field at 9.20 am. At first the rancher thought the animal was a large bear standing on its hind legs near the trunk of an apple tree.

Then the rancher saw the creature walk off on two legs into an nearby forest. He reported the creature was covered in a dark brown coat of fur or hair and standing on two legs. He was too far away to get a good look at the face but is sure it wasn't a bear.

He wishes his name to be withheld. His theory is recent snow and ice along with extreme cold weather brought the creature down into the lowlands looking for food. The apple tree still has apples on it from the fall.

 93 Jan. 18, 2014

A recent outing to hike came to an abrupt end for me and my husband last weekend. We traveled from California to Oregon to hike for a weekend with friends over by Sisters, Oregon. We had come expecting snow in the Cascades but found very little on the ground. After stocking up on food and water, we began our overnight hike into the Three Sisters Wilderness area. Everything was great until we reached some waterfalls near Quinsy Creek. After stopping and having lunch, we started out again into a meadow but some weird feeling began to bother me, like we were in danger. I brought it up to my friends and they too replied they had a feeling of danger. We stopped to look around and everything seemed to be OK. As we came to the end of the meadow, we noticed a terrible smell coming from the trees off to our left. My husband said he thought some type of wildlife had died thus causing the smell.

As we walked on the trail, we came upon some tree branches that looked as if they had been ripped off a tree and then whipped on the ground. This was alarming to us because of the size of the limbs. We decided that we should not go any farther, so we turned around and walked back to the meadow.

When we reached it, we all saw some dark figure move inside the trees on the opposite end for a split-second. I didn't get that good of look at it, but Jamie my friend did. She said it was a huge apelike being. She also said it was pulling a dead deer behind it. We decided to get out of there quick. We all believe the being was watching us the whole time we were in the meadow. We didn't camp that night out there. Actually none of us are big on bigfoot, but we believe that's what this thing was.


While driving on a steep narrow logging road just at dawn in heavy rain and wind, I saw some kind of unknown animal. The morning was very dark and stormy. The road was Panther Creek on the Coos/Douglas Border. It was November 1, 1971 when I saw bigfoot. It was in a crouching position, between the 12 and 13 mile markers of this road,  and apparently vomiting up something it had eaten. I was up there to check on new road conditions for a Roseburg based logging company to see if trucks could make it in to load.

As I approached, the creature stood up and walked off into the timber on two legs. I got out of the truck and saw where it had thrown up a large amount of raw meat and leaves on the road. There was also a bad stench in the air. Walking back to the truck, I saw where it had come off the steep bank and onto the road.

The tracks were human shaped, only much larger than human. The creature looked to be in the range of 600 + pounds and mostly covered with brown reddish hair. It was hard to tell the height because it never stood up completely straight. I never discussed this creature with anyone other than the owner of the logging company. He quietly asked his cutting crew if they had seen any tracks and in fact they had seen a few in September when they were cutting trees up there.



Here's a bigfoot encounter from 1975: August of that year four men from my church went on a week’s worth of ore prospecting near Humbug Mountain State Park. A few miles from Humbug Park is a forest service road that is called Middle Elk Road. McGribble Forest Camp is on this road app 20 miles from Humbug. It was a primitive camp site with one outhouse.

The first day they setup camp and gathered wood for the night fire. George was the first to notice that some animal had pulled bark off a tree and piled it up in a stack. The area was full of huge old growth trees and had never been logged. Two days and nights went by without anything unusual. On day three the four men hiked into a deep canyon where they were told ore was rich in the ground. On the way in they noticed several places where rocks and bark were stacked up.

They thought these might be markers for old claims but no new claims were on the map since 1949 that they had got from the forest service for this area. As they slowly descended down the steep canyon trail they noticed a sharp unpleasant odor seeming to be getting stronger and stronger. Kurt caught sight of movement just down the trail and told the others he had just seen a bear next to a large rock along the trail. When the others got to the rock the smell had become completely overbearing. Something was dead somewhere nearby they thought.

When they reached the bottom of the canyon they noticed large footprints on both sides of the small stream called Purple Mountain Creek. George had his tape in hand and measured some of the tracks at 18 inches and some at 15 inches and yet another set at only 5 inches. As they were discussing what the tracks might be rocks began hitting the ground all around them. The rocks were coming from the other side of the stream and up quite a ways on the mountainside. Some of the rocks were as big as footballs. They took off running back up the steep trail as fast as they could from both fright and surprise.

They ran till they had to stop and rest. They all caught sight of a large hair-covered ape-manlike being of great size coming up the trail behind them. It stopped and watched them closely while they shouted at it. As they started to move up the trail again it seemed to want them out of the area but it never came closer to them. As they walked up the trail it followed them at a distance stopping when they did and moving when they did. When they finally got back to the large rock the creature turned and went back down the trail omitting a sharp whistle several times.

The men were absolutely stunned. When they reached camp they quickly packed up and went down to Humbug Park and phoned the forest service to report it. The forest service said they would "look into it" but as far as the men knew nothing ever became of the report nor were they ever contacted.



Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Comment Regarding Post Below: Humbug Mountain":

To Anonymous: This is a great response  and one that I have been arguing about for some time now. Even if they [government, etc.] will not admit the existence of this great creature, maybe a small notice posted in all campgrounds, in the general areas where it has been seen, to make people aware of their surroundings, with a list of what to do if you do just happen to come across one and how to save your life and your families’ life if it wanders into your camp at night or watches you on hikes during the day.

I have had three encounters in my lifetime in two states. I’m 55 years old, very well educated, and a very big outdoors man, and have never feared anything in the woods, or anywhere else for that matter. Two were from pacifists, curious type creatures that watched from a distance, and never did I feel threatened in any way.

The third encounter was a “total fear for my life experience.” And I was even armed with a 9 m.m. revolver and a very effective pepper spray for grizzlies, in case of a rogue black bear attack.

I know what I saw; and just the massive size and stealthy way it ran, and stopped 30 feet in front of me, roaring this roar, that I will never forget the rest of my life. I thought he was coming to kill me! I started thinking about saving my family.

I just want to have them put up notices, warning people. I will use the little child from the Sru Lake encounter as an example: this government lucked out that it was not sued for the mental anguish that it caused this little girl. She was so scared that she didn't want to go into the woods again, and she’s still under the constant care of a doctor to this day.

 I'm just waiting for someone to get killed in the woods, and see what the government says or does.

Thank You for letting me get this off my chest.



I've always been hesitant to talk about my one and only Bigfoot experience. I guess I need to start at the beginning and tell everyone that reads this story that I was an Oregon State Police (OSP) trooper for 30 years. During 18 years of that time I was active as a fish and game trooper. It was in October of 2005 when I was on patrol of the Elk River County on USFS land. It was one of my normal runs up at Butler Bar Campground to stop and talk with campers to make sure everything was OK. On this day, I was actually flagged down by a couple of hunters near the campground as they were coming down from the Iron Mountain area.

 I asked them if they had any luck hunting and they said no. It was then the passenger in the truck told the driver that "We better tell him what we seen this morning." I asked them what they were referring too. It was told to me that at around 6: am they spotted a very large animal standing upright and seemingly covered with hair near the Laird Lake Campground entrance. I asked them for a general description of the person or animal because they weren't sure just what it actually was.

I took down their information and then headed up for Laird Lake which is around 7 miles from Butler Bar Campground. Laird Lake is also a USFS campground with a small lake on the southeast side of the campground. When I arrived, I noticed no campers there. Near the primitive outhouse I found some unusually large tracks in the soft dirt that looked to be human shaped but much larger than normal. I measured these footprints at 17 inches by 7 inch wide, not just one track but several very well defined footprints and a line of them heading off towards the water.

I did cast two of the footprints, a left and right print. I took photos of them and the line of prints. Something wasn't right because the prints were about 5.5 feet apart. A stride like this couldn't be made by a human. I also noticed the trash cans had been emptied out on the ground. As I pick the trash up, I noticed more prints of the same type and shape all around the cans. Again, I photographed the trash cans and prints. After picking up the trash, I began to notice a strong stench in the air. As I turned and looked towards the lake, I saw some kind of human like animal walk behind some trees. What I mean by human like is that it walked on two legs. It was of very large build and tall and covered with black fur or hair. Its face seemed to be a mixture of human-ape. Guessing the height would be somewhere around 8+. Then it took off up the mountain faster than any human could ever walk. After just a few seconds it was out of sight. What animal it actually was is a mystery though I believe it was a Bigfoot. Even though I believed it was a Bigfoot, I never put anything in my report naming it Bigfoot. I had already been warned in 1975 by another trooper in the field not to ever write that name BIGFOOT in a report because it would cause some unwanted action from the top brass. The prints were never identified as any known animal. The casts were sent to several different anthropologist but they couldn't match them with anything known.


Gary Steed
Better believe anon. Several years ago my outfit took a contract with Boise Cascade cutting timber in Jefferson County in Oregon. This was a snag removal operation from the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. We had been working only two days when the first encounter with the bigfoot happened. One of the members of our crew saw a massive sized animal walking across a small creek covered with black hair and apparently some sort of huge apelike man.

We had found tracks of something leaving 19 inch tracks all over the area along with many smaller ones from 16 inches to 6 inches. We had notified the USFS and the timber owner of the tracks. The USFS came out and talked with us. The female ranger and a another guy told us not to worry or pay any attention to the tracks or the animal and she said "they knew about it and it will not come close to humans." Yes that was her exact words.

We ask her if there was more of them in this area and she stated "I don't know and really don't care. " Well that remark kind of set me back on my heels. She stated that we was there to do a job so do it and no more questions. A fellow worker ask her if she would guarantee the animal would not attack us. This is where it gets criminal in my book. "We have done a extensive study and found the animals are afraid of humans and will not come close to people" she replied.

"What in the hell are they"  I ask? She said there just a leftover from early times. Why don't more people know about them? She said the discussion is over and they drove off in the USFS pickup. Over the next three weeks we were followed and rocks thrown at us on two different occasions.

The male was around nine feet with a massive chest,  shoulders and long arms. The female was at least seven feet tall and very husky built for a female. The two little ones were only around 5 feet and they never got too close to us . If one of the adults thought they were too close they would whistle at them and once the female even scooped up the small female in her arms.

These animals were frightening to look at. In the daytime we would see the big male watching us cut snags from behind a tree. At night they would wonder into our work area and turn over the gas and oil cans. Though we were camped some miles away we still felt we could be in danger. After three weeks went by we were very close to finishing the job. The snags were to be left in place where they fell . No trucks or roads to take them out. Finally we got done and headed back to Redmond.

When we got back to home here the USFS came and ask us to sign pledges not to discuss these animals with anyone. Along with my crew I told them to shove the pledges. Well the next day here they come again only this time they had government type police with them and their id said Department of Agriculture enforcement.

They threatened us with jail, fines and a host of other stuff if we didn't sign the paper. Facing jail was not in my lifestyle so I signed the damn paper and didn't talk about the bigfoot till a lawyer told me they had no authority to harass us. Even so they told us that we would never get another contract without the false and untrue paper we signed. 2002/June/05 Gary Steed 

Beware of your feelings. Linda, I have lived all my life in Oregon. I worked in the Oregon forest all my life. I never saw Bigfoot or even the tracks of one. This all changed for me on the morning off June 7th 2014. I was camping up on Union Creek off of Cow Creek Road. I had camped at this location for over 30 years with my family and alone.

I woke up about 3am on Saturday and for some reason I could not explain I felt someone or something was near my tent. I really can't explain what was different then any other morning except the camp was too quiet. No sounds of crickets or the forest sounds I'm accustomed too.

 After listening and hearing nothing I got up and went outside the tent to look around. I didn't see anything out off order outside other than it was deathly quiet. I made coffee and had some breakfast. Then out of the blue came this ungodly scream some distance away from camp. I thought it to be a big cat. Then after a moment or two the sound of wood breaking became very loud. It sounded like wood being smashed into something like a tree or stump. I had never ever heard this sound before.

As I sat looking off into the forest I caught the shape of a very large animal moving slowly toward the camp. It was walking like a man. I just couldn't believe my eyes. It slowly walked within 50 feet of me. It was a monstrous apelike creature. I knew it must be a Bigfoot. I had seen pictures of what they look like and this creature was somewhat like the pictures and films. It had deep set eyes with a large sloping forehead. It had a very big build to it. The legs and arms were double the size of mine. It was covered in a short coat or crop of dark hair. No hair around the eyes. The eyes were very large and had a slight red tint to them most likely from my campfire.

The creature looked at me, turned around and was gone in a flash. At daylight I walked to the area where the wood smashing sounds were coming from. There I found big tree limbs ripped to pieces. After seeing the damage, I decided I should go down the mountain and report this animal to the police. I went down to Riddle and contacted the Oregon State Police and asked them to come and meet me in Riddle. They said they were stretched too thin on troopers and didn't come. I called the Douglas County Sheriffs and no help there either. I finally got in contact with BLM in Roseburg and told them what had taken place. They tried to tell me it was no doubt a bear not some monster ape. They said they might be able to stop by the site on Monday

 I broke camp and returned  home. Monday came and went without a phone call from BLM. Thursday morning I drove back up to the site and found NO CAMPING . NO TRESPASSING signs posted. I contacted BLM again and they claim to have found nothing up there.


Linda Perry, My dads name was Frank Wilson. He was born at home in a small cabin in Josephine County in 1921. His older brother Henry and he hunted the area between Galice and Agness for 50 years or better. In 1943 they were hunting up in the headwaters of Galice Creek and had a nasty run-in with a bigfoot. Dad never forgot his only encounter with bigfoot up to his death in 1961. They had shot a buck earlier in the morning and hung it up to cool on a tree limb. He first became aware of something off in the brush watching them when he was making supper ready. Both Dad and Henry said they felt that something was stalking them the day before just out of sight but close enough for them to hear growls and brush being whipped around.

They had never caught sight of the animal that was following them but knew it wasn't a quote "normal animal" that they had run across before. Anyway later that night about dusk the sounds became down right scary. Dad said the unknown stalker howled very loud screams that became nerve shattering. Both of them were really concerned whatever this thing was it was getting more aggressive with tree limbs and brush.

They had enough and decided to move the camp about a mile down the creek. When they packed up they had to leave the deer till one or both of them could come back and get it. Dad made the hike back to the old camp and found the deer pulled down off the tree and absolutely mangled. Dad said both back quarters had been literally ripped of the deer. It was then Dad did a really stupid thing according to him. He decided he would look for the remains and find out what took it. As he followed a game trail up the mountain he caught sight of an enormous size animal that looked like a big ape squatting down and tearing meat off a hind quarter of his deer.

Dad said he had never in his life seen such a creature. It was very husky and covered with hair and had hands and feet like a human but still no part human. As soon at it seen him it stood up and let out a horrific scream. Dad turned and ran as fast as he could towards the old camp. He was sure this was it and the creature would certainly kill him. All that Dad remembered next was apparently being grabbed and thrown into a big fir. Dad hit the tree with such force he felt his ribs and left arm break. He knew he was done for. As he looked up he saw the giant creature looking at him from just twenty feet away. He watched the hairy beast as it looked at him with dead dark eyes. Thank god Uncle Henry yelled out for dad. When he did the sasquatch turned and disappeared into the trees. Dad told me he knew the sasquatch was going to finish him off right before Uncle Henry's yell. Of course Dad was scared and may have thought the worst. Neither he nor Henry ever saw the strange hair covered creature again. 


Vernon Dell 

During the 80s after the St. Helens eruption I hauled logs out of the blast zone. Though the area was destroyed, some areas to the west and south were not touched by the blast. We had just finished a job on Weyco property and moved our small fleet of trucks to Cougar Washington. After a couple of days we took a small job further up on the river. One morning I was sitting inside my truck waiting for the truck ahead of me to pass when I saw something cross the narrow roadway and disappeared into the timber. It looked somewhat like a primitive man only it was about twice the size of modern man. As it crossed it looked at me and I could see it had been close to the blast zone at some point in time because its skin around the face looked to be scorched. It didn't look to be in pain it just had been burnt at sometime. I told a fellow trucker about what I saw and I was surprised to hear two others had seen the Bigfoot but with a female and youngster. So I'm guessing some of the Bigfoots made it through the eruption.



Have you ever been in a situation where you know you're  in trouble? I have and this is my story. I have never been a Bigfoot person. I certainly never expected to ever see one. Last month I was camping with my sister and her husband in southwestern Oregon. They had talked me in to a camping trip because I've had trouble dealing with my husband's death in March

We were in a very remote part of the coast range fishing in a lake that my sister and hubby had found some 20 years ago. You have to hike in as there's no roads to it. My sister wanted to hike down to the SUV and go into Gold Beach to restock our food supply. I didn't want to go to town so her husband decided he would go.

My plan was to stay at camp and read some magazines I had brought. They left camp at 7 in the morning. After breakfast I walked around the lake and took pictures of the lake and surroundings. I was just about half way when I began to notice a strange sound coming from off in the distance. It was a very low whoop, whoop, whoop sound. I really didn't know what it was at first. The whooping sound became louder as I walked very slowly on the trail. 

It sounded like a owl but much too low a tone for one. The sounds finally died out as I walked. Then a sudden feeling of fear came over me because I felt someone was either following me or watching me. I looked around very close and didn't see anything. Then came this sound of someone walking near or on the trail I had just passed on. I could hear this sound of someone walking and stopping to break what I think were tree branches.

 I began to run down the trail . Whatever was out there really started picking up its pace too. In a complete panic I yelled "please leave me alone." I kept running till I was near the camp again. When I got back at camp the tent had been pulled down on the ground. Cooler was open and two cans of Pepsi had been smashed . Sugar had been ripped open and scattered about. Some energy bars were missing also. The ground was hard and no tracks anywhere.

I got my pistol out of the tent and set down on a chunk of wood we had cut for chairs. I happen to look off to my right and really got a shock. An  animal moved from behind a tree onto the trail and out of sight. It was a huge hair-covered apelike creature covered in brown hair and walking upright. I could make out it was at least 8 feet tall and super husky. I held the gun hoping it would not come closer to camp. It didn't.

I could hear it leaving because it was what was making the whopping sound. After an hour I made my way down the trail to where the SUV had been parked. There I stayed till my sister and husband showed up at 3 PM. Nobody will ever believe what I saw so I didn't report it. Calvin my brother-in-law said it had to be a Bigfoot I saw. He went up to the camp and packed everything up and we got out of there.

I don't know if I will ever camp out again. Though it never did attack or try to hurt me it scared the daylights out of me.



On the morning of July 11th, we were on board a Jerry's Charter boat taking the beautiful trip up to Agness Oregon from Gold Beach. When we got to about the half way point at Boiler Riffle we saw a large upright creature or animal going from the river bar into the forest.

At first we thought it was a very big black bear but very soon seen it wasn't a bear. It looked like the Patterson film creature but was somewhat larger we think. We tried to get a snapshot but the thing was much to quick and we were to slow. The operator told us he had seen several of them along the river over a period of 15 years. He said it was a Bigfoot.

It was covered in a blackish brown hair. The arms swung low on its sides. We could see the upper part of the creature was very wide and well built. Evidently they the Bigfoot's come down to the river after dark to drink. One couple from San Francisco said they had never believed anything they ever heard about bigfoot until now. Another couple claimed to have seen a different Bigfoot 2 years earlier on this same river only up closer to Agness.

When we got up to the Cougar Lane Lodge we told several people what we had seen and none of them were one bit surprised and said it happens from time to time. We are from North Carolina and really loved your beautiful state and want to come back soon. Seems that God has blessed the state of Oregon. You are lucky to have such a wonderful place to live.


In 2009 at Diamond Lake my family was spending five days snowmobiling in the back country between MT Thielsen and Three Fingered Jack. On one of the daily trips we came upon some scat along the route that looked to be fresh, still steaming and of large size. My brother is a MD and he said it was deposited no longer than 10 minutes prior to our finding it.

We looked around the forest and found some large tracks human shaped and about 17 inches long and 7 wide at the ball. Snow can really change the actual size when melting so we didn't have any way of knowing the original size. As we went on up the snow trail my daughter, age 41, spotted a very large object moving swiftly through the trees alongside the trail. The object was very dark colored. She motioned for me to stop and told me what she had seen. We talked about the probability it was a bear but she insisted it was walking upright.

Anyway we continued up the mountain till the snow began getting too deep for our snowmobiles. We all decided to turn around and start back down using the north route. It was then we all saw a very large apelike animal or primate walk out from behind a clump of trees. This creature, animal or whatever it was looked very large and covered in black and spots of silver fur or hair. The thing was walking upright like a human but had long and massive arms longer than humans. It looked to be a mixture of gorilla and human. Its large black eyes were set deep in the head. The back of the head crowned like apes do.

We all got a good look before it tore off into the forest. All agreed it was at least 8 or 9 feet tall and several hundred pounds heavy. Not one of us in the family ever believed in Sasquatch. It was quite an earth shattering wake up call that we humans really don't know what's out there in our forest and world. As this animal left it literally walked into a small tree 10 foot high and snapped it like a small twig.

We left the area promptly and reported our sighting to the ranger at the lake. As far as we know this animal is still roaming about in the cascades of Oregon. The ranger just took down our information and that was it. 

From Ann

Guest Editor-Blogger: Ann

I really enjoy reading about bigfoot sightings on this Bigfoot Ballyhoo. It’s so refreshing to have information without all the foul language so many allow on their sites. I never disagree with anyone's views on bigfoot but I’ll make one exception on the article below on the color of bigfoot changes their demeanor.

He states that only the dark ones are dangerous. Not true. In 1960 I was chased by a yellowish colored one and darn near got it. I had accidentally got in between her and a youngster. She chased me, threw a huge chunk of wood, and literally raised all hell until I finally got out of there by running over a mile from the sighting area.

 It scared me so bad it was 13 years before I went camping again. I was taking a morning walk with my dog when she appeared from a steep ravine and chased me off. This was at Laird Lake in Curry County in southern Oregon. I know now she was just protecting her young but still people need to understand these creatures are completely wild and can be dangerous if the situation is right.


I used to get mad when people winked and laughed when I told them about all the evidence we now have that points to bigfoot being real. It doesn't bother me anymore because you find the people that are doing the laughing are people that need the government to show them the way through life.

I worked my entire life outdoors in the forest. In all of those years I never saw a bigfoot. Then one early morning in 1988 I was hunting deer and this gigantic apelike creature walked swiftly across the road right in front of me. The odor from this creature gave me a very sick feeling. It was the most pungent smell I've ever experienced. Remembering back in my working days, I had smelled this same odor several times in the woods and always put it off as a dead animal carcass somewhere nearby.

People don't realize that bigfoot is real because TV shows and movies have made it more like some man eating monster that stalks the human race in the forest. Then people watch some of the bigfoot hunter/investigators characters on TV and people believe their merely on something. In my opinion the TV shows surely haven't helped to convince anyone these creatures are real. Too many people want their ten minutes of fame on TV and this makes the general public skeptic.

Now, if a person wants to do some real reading into the evidence they soon become very much amazed that this creature has been longer than modern man probably has and has for the most part kept themselves hid from people. I have seen one so I know their real, but to many friends of mine bigfoot is just some Indian legend. They refuse to admit it’s real because they would need to alter the way they look at life and people don't like change as a rule

And then we have our government lying about what they know because of economics. Bigfoot can survive without us putting aside more forest to live in. We already know this because there still out there living. What people need to do is read all the evidence that is in many good books about bigfoot and then they might not be so quick to laugh.


Some times it’s harder to tell of a past experience if you have never got over it. That's my case because I've never forgotten or really been able to talk or tell people about my encounter with what had to be an adult Sasquatch.

Though it’s been 12 years since the day I had the encounter, it’s still hard to talk about. I guess I need to start at the very beginning of the day. I was camped out in the high mountains north of Brookings Oregon. It was my practice to take a week off in OCT to camp and do some fly fishing and hunting. I had been going into this area since 1974. This time I had planned to fly fish in a stream that I've been to over thirty times since I was a youngster. It was always a good fishing stream and the wildlife was always abundant. The stream feeds into Pistol River some 25 miles downstream.

This trip was like all the others till I started getting the sensation that someone was watching me at the camp and also near the stream. The feeling got stronger by the fourth day and I had also began to hear some strange snapping sounds of somebody walking around my camp but never coming close enough for me to see them. I knew it wasn't regular wildlife because you could hear the distinct sound of a two-legged person walking and snapping the underbrush.

I had called out several times for whoever it was to "come on in and have some coffee with me." It was really getting on my nerves after 2 days of the sounds, usually after midnight.

This night I decided to leave the Coleman lantern burning so I placed it on the top of my makeshift table made from some tree branches. I went to bed and around 10pm the sounds began to get louder. I was very still and after maybe an hour it came walking very slowly into the camp.

When I first saw what it looked like I quietly grabbed my rifle next to me in case it came at me. It was something like a big wildman but not really human. It looked over my camp very good and seemed to be after food. It licked a skillet I had left on the table with bacon grease covered with foil. It seemed to be fascinated with the foil because it held it up several times looking at the light from the lantern shine on it. The creature was covered in black hair or fur except around its eyes and inside of its hands. It walked erect like a human only with long and glide like steps. Before it left the camp it looked through my can goods but never took any. I was sure if I would have fired at it I could have killed it but something inside me said no because it’s not after me. It seemed to act like it was part ape or primitive human. I don't think I could ever have lived with myself if I had killed or injured it.


 In 2005, a group of us spent many months researching in Oregon’s remote southeast expanses. We spent time in various areas researching wildlife, both plant and animal life. We eventually began researching the Siskiyou Mountain area.

One evening, we found a brushy area along the mountainside. We heard some aggressive sounds and paused to take a closer look. Within the brush we could see several caves that were fairly well hidden from view. The noises were coming from these caves. We noticed, about 40 feet away, something large glaring in our direction.
We were not sure what this thing was, but it was most definitely standing on two legs. The animal held its gaze for a moment, then charged. It was a very frightening moment for us all until we realized the animal wasn't charging at us. It barreled through the brush into the back of another, similar animal, knocking it onto the ground. Both animals rolled out of the brush and we could see them both more clearly. They had black fur like a chimpanzee. They were chimpanzee like, and human like, but much larger than either. 

The larger of the two animals locked its jaws around the thumb of the other animal’s left hand ferociously. The smaller animal grabbed the larger one with its free right arm in a half-bear hug. In an attempt to free itself, the small animal chomped onto the face of the larger animal. We were far too worried about our own safety to remain. We quickly retreated to safety, all the while hearing the most horrific screams of the two animals in the distance.
I never thought such a creature as Sasquatch exists. But I know they exist after that experience. I think they may be like other great apes, like chimpanzees. They seem docile, but can be very dangerous.


In August of 2014, a team of researchers spent over a month along Garage Creek and Lost Creek deep in the forests east of Coquille. There was a team of five of us and we camped throughout the forest in order to attempt establishing observation points. Our intent was to observe and record any evidence of Sasquatch. We spent over 6 weeks in the forest and established our observation points, which we will keep confidential at this point.

We recorded no evidence until September, at the very end of our time in the forest. We were breaking down camp early in the morning, preparing to leave the area with the intent to return in the spring of 2015. We were camping around extremely large trees and something kept shaking the trees from a high location. We looked up and tried to determine what was causing the trees to shake from such a high location. The wind was not blowing and the air was calm. 

Finally, one of our researchers saw the cause of the shaking through her binoculars. “I see it! There are 2 high up in the trees! We found them! We found them!” she shouted in a whisper, trying to contain her excitement. High up in the trees were two very large sasquatchs swaying and staring down at us.

It was if we were watching them in slow motion-the experience was so surreal. We observed them as quietly as we could. They both stayed very still for what seemed like an hour, glaring at us. Finally they leaped effortless to nearby trees. They leaped from massive tree to massive tree and escaped our view. We attempted to follow them, but we very quickly lost track of them. We have members of our group who have theorized these animals spend time in the trees, but we can now confirm their theories correct.

We will be returning to our observation points in 2015 with a new mode of research, given this new information about this majestic animal.


An Encounter From 1976, Oregon

Anyone that says "I want to see a bigfoot up close" isn't really thinking the whole thing out. For many years I had wondered why so many people that claimed to see bigfoot out in the wild always told of the bigfoot staring them down then leaving as quickly as it appeared. For years I wondered if my encounter in 1976 was more violent because of the actions I chose to take. I guess Ill never know for sure.
One early morning, I had left to go fly fishing at a remote stream that I've fished for many years. The stream is located in a deep gorge by which you have to walk down this trail to access. The trail is probably two miles long. When I reached the stream below the falls I began fly fishing. Within a few minutes I began to feel that someone was watching me from across the stream. This didn't make sense to me because there's no trail access on that side at all.

The feeling just seemed to be getting stronger as I fished. I had just landed a nice cutthroat trout and I happen to catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. As I looked up I dropped my fly rod. I was absolutely shocked and terrified at the creature standing not 30 feet away downstream. There it was just swaying back and forth from side to side.

What is wasn't is what's the kicker. Something that appeared to be a gigantic apelike wildman, covered in a dark brown to black crop of hair. [Could this read: Here's the kicker: What 
"Is" wasn't suppose to be, but here stood a gigantic apelike wildman, covered in a dark brown to black crop of hair.]

This creature absolutely was double my build. It must have been over several hundred pounds and over eight feet tall. Its black eyes seemed to burn right into to me. I still don't know how much time passed as it stood there staring but  all I could think of is "this is it for me." I was too scared to run or even breath. Finally panic set in and I jumped into the stream thinking the deep fast moving water would carry me swiftly downstream and away from the frightful creature. I didn't care where I ended up just away from this monster.

As the water rushed me past the creature I could see it was now running along the edge of the stream at a speed no human could run. This seemed to go on till the stream made a turn.

I was nearly drowned but thankfully happened to catch the limb of a log that had fell across the stream. I must have blanked out because the next thing I know I was crawling up a steep cliff to a road.

After what seemed to be hours a pickup truck came by with one man in it. I told him I had fallen into the river because I didn't want to try to explain the bigfoot to him. He took me back up the road to my pickup which was about 5 miles upstream from where I jumped in.

I left my fly rod, creel and fish at the stream and had no intentions of going back down there. I have never went back to that fishing hole. Stream: South Fork Coquille River, Place: Coquille River Falls July 18 1976.
R B 
Glendale, Cow Creek, Oregon

No bickering from me. I have seen the sites that claim hoaxes were on Ballyhoo. In each story on these sites you see where the site owner has doctored the pictures he/she claims is false. Also it might be permissible to some to believe claims from people that clearly have a strong dislike for Linda Perry. Unfortunately this is the "NORM" in the world of Internet. People use others success to help them bring in readers. This may be the case in this situation.

There are many things about Bigfoot Ballyhoo that appeals to me and many others. You do not require people give their life history to you. You do not ask people to sign document like legal testimony papers. When people see bigfoot they are traumatized by the shock of the unknown beast. The last thing they need is for the investigator to run them into the ground with multiple questions. In my many years as a therapist I know people can actually see several different things after they think about the incident for a while. It doesn't mean they are lying it means it takes time to sort out the shock and disbelief of what they experienced.

Even though I am a trained therapist when I had my sighting I completely fell apart. My sighting was back in 1999 several miles outside Glendale on Cow Creek Road. I was taking a morning walk before work on this day and happened to look down near the Creek and there it was standing knee deep in the water and staring at me. It was very dark in color (black) and had long arms hanging down past its knees. The creature was somewhere around 8 to 9 feet tall and very husky with a massive chest. As I just stood there in disbelief the creature let out a sharp loud whistle sound and then a growling sound. 

I took off back toward my car looking back several times to see if it was after me. Thank God it didn't follow me. It took me years to come to terms with the sighting. Thanks for the opportunity to tell about my sighting on your site.


I have never put down on paper or discussed my experience with anyone outside my family. My experience took place in Curry County back in the 1990s. I had become somewhat fascinated with the area above Elk River after finding traces of gold up in the headwaters. Over the years I had camped in this region several times panning gold and enjoying the pristine forest. This year I arrived in June and planned to camp till July. I was in fair shape so it was my practice to leave my vehicle and hike deep into the back country.
On these trips I would take only a sleeping bag along with a pack filled with food and pistol and purified water, a change of clothes and a first aid pack. After three days of hiking I came into a interesting area with a rock outcrop on one side with a small creek and a very steep canyon on the other filled with trees. This area had never been logged and was quite inaccessible other than on foot. I set up camp here and started to collect specimens.

On the second day I became aware someone was watching me. You get that feeling sometimes out in the wild. I didn't see anyone for several days. Then one afternoon I just happen to  look good at the soft soil next to the stream. I found two distinct footprints 
very large compared to my size 12 boots. I had read about bigfoot but really had no opinion either way on its existence. I was sure this must be what left the prints. Still nothing out of the ordinary happened for over a week,j ust the persistent feeling of being watched. One day I decided to hike over to Mud Lake to bathe some 7 miles from my camp. Later on in the evening I headed back for camp. It was then I caught sight of someone following me up in the timberline. As I neared the camp this visitor was looking at me from behind a tree. It moved enough for me to make out what it was. It looked to be a mix of ape and human. The coat of hair was completely gray and the hair on the head was gray. It looked to be old. 

Still it had amazing agility for moving very quickly. It followed me back to camp and then disappeared. Over the next two weeks I saw it on different occasions watching me at the creek. It never came close enough to make me feel threatened. When I broke camp it followed me for over 10 miles just watching me as I left the area. Finally it stopped following and disappeared. I felt then and now it was merely curious about my presence in his habitat. 


Barb and Cherry  

Over the weekend my extended family all traveled over to Coos County to visit Dad. Dad lives out in a small community called Dora. He has lived there for 33 years. Early Sunday morning at 5am my sister-in-law and I decided to take the dogs on a early morning walk. The weather was clear and the sun was beginning to rise. We walked along the narrow 2 lane road towards Sitkum. This road follows the East fork of the Coquille River. After walking about 2 miles we noticed the dogs looking over across the river. As we looked over across we caught sight of a dark large manlike figure walking away from the river to behind a tree then up through a patch of ferns into the tree line. On that side of the river the tall tree line comes almost down to the rivers edge and the mountainside is very steep without any roads for access. 

Very quickly we noticed the figure was not human or a bear. It was very large compared to a normal human being and covered with dark black hair except for a thin spot on its right leg. As it walked up the steep mountain it reached out with it large arms grabbing limbs to help pull itself up the incline. We took note the figure had large hands not paws. About this time it let out a loud whistle sound. From somewhere above it began this sound like something beating rocks together. My sister -in-law wanted to run back down the road but I talked her into watching this thing for a while to see if it would turn to look at us.

It paid off. The creature walked some distance then turned to look back at us and the dogs barking. The face of this thing was somewhat human and animal mixed. The skin around its eyes and forehead was dark brown, its face covered with hair except around the eyes and mouth. It had a very large jaws and slightly sloped forehead like a gorilla would have. Right away we knew it had to be a Bigfoot. We noticed no smell but that might be because the breeze was blowing down the river and not at us. W decided we would not call the police and try to explain what we had seen. We did tell Dad and he said the area use to have a family of these animals living up in the forest but he had thought they were all gone by now. We know one is still there maybe more.

Anon (Posted to BB Sept. 2015)

Linda, Ever since I was a small child and saw the Patterson film, every time I was in the woods camping, fishing or driving, I would say to who ever was with me that I wish I could see Bigfoot go across the road in front of me and give me a friendly wave and smile as he goes along his way. I was raised in a family of non-believers who were military lifers, and when our government said something didn't exist, it didn't, no matter how hard we wanted it to as children.

I came to Oregon about 12 years ago and was hiking out in the woods with my fiancee', something I have done all my life and have never had any reason to ever fear the woods. I felt like something was watching me and felt the hair on my neck raise and started looking for a mountain lion or bear. I didn't want to get my girlfriend all upset, but when I pulled my pistol out of my backpack and put it in my coat pocket, she started freaking out. I told her it was just a feeling I had and just relax, but keep your eyes and ears open. We hiked for about another 2 hours and could not get rid of this feeling something was stalking us and I will never forget how quiet the woods were that day

We were down by the river looking for rocks and for some reason I turned and looked back up the trail which we had come down and thought it was a bear coming down to the river. It stopped and stood up on two legs about 70 feet from us and my eyes locked on to its eyes, and could tell what this was the moment I saw it, and the fight or flight feeling came rushing through me.I kept my eyes on it and called to my girlfriend to slowly rise up from looking at rocks in the river and turn around and to be quiet no matter what she see's and to stay still, don't move.

My mind was telling me that this had to be a joke and that these things don't exist, but wouldn't let me relax one minute, while I was studying this huge creature, wondering what my next move was. I grabbed my girlfriend who was shaking violently from shock and fright and started walking down river to the main road where our truck was parked up road a ways. This isn't the friendly Harry and the Hendersen coming to lend me a hand, but a big 8 foot, muscular, wide shoulder beast with the darkest eyes that burned right through me, like I was somewhere he thought was his and for me to get out. We got to the road and could hear something in the woods where we had just come from, but sounded like it was going in the opposite direction. we practically ran to the truck and when we got there the cooler was knocked out the back of the truck and spilled all over the trail head parking place. I grabbed the empty cooler and threw it into the back of the truck , knowing how lucky we were just getting out of there, and neither said a word until we got home and sat in our chairs, still shaking and discussing if she had saw the exact same thing that I had saw.

We never told anyone for a few years and I started researching this beast and it has changed my whole life. I no longer fish, a lifetime love, camp in the woods, hunt, I had a gun, but I couldn't shoot it, and I don't know why.I avoid the woods at all cost and have shared my experience with others that have seen it, and will not be able to have a normal life again until the government tells us this exists and warns people with children out there camping.

There are a lot of people out there that have seen it and stay silent and we all are fans of your web site, so please ignore the media grubbers who must tell lies in order to get people to their sites, where you must pay to read something on the site.You do a great job Linda, and forever a fan of your honesty and artwork, and a admirer of the great web site you maintain.



This is a true account of a terrifying encounter with Bigfoot. My name is Gloria and have lived in Medford Oregon all my life. I'm now 75 and have retired from teaching for 28 years. When this happened I was 40.

My husband, and three family friends went camping over in Coos County near a place that had the name "Elliott Forest." It was our third night there when things began to happen, loud screams and the sounds of large branches being whipped against something. I was assured by the group it was a cougar off in the distance. 

Something didn't feel right to me. A constant feeling of being watched kept me in high alert mode all day and night. Late this night I was awakened by the loud sound of some gibberish I couldn't understand and the loud sound of footsteps. It was about this time I saw something walk in front of my tent and bend over to look inside. I was beyond terrified at the figure of this massive apelike creature looking at me. I tried to scream but was frozen with fear. It reached inside the tent and grabbed my sleeping bag and started to pull me out of the tent.

My husband woke up and saw the figure outside. He said later it was the horrific smell that woke him up. He yelled "What do you want?" It let go of my bag and turned and walked off while letting out a loud whistling sound. Everyone was now awake and outside looking out into the forest. We could hear this creature breaking branches and raising all hell off in the forest.

It was decided we would all stay close together and keep the fire blazing till dawn. When it was light enough to see we broke camp and left this area. We went to the nearest town called Lakeside. The police didn't  take me or any of the camp party serious even though one was a active policeman. They claimed it had to been a dream. I have never been able to get over this incident. Little doubt in my mind about what this creature was after, Me!



Jim, I do believe that a couple of years ago before all the logging in the Ash Valley section where you go across the bridge on the left, Weyerhauser land, that this area was home to a clan of bigfoot. I was mushroom picking and kept seeing something the color of a bear, standing behind a tree on two legs, swaying back and forth, just watching me.

My partner who was down the road from me came running up to me in a near panic saying he had seen a huge gorilla man type beast walking up a hillside on two legs and was scared to death. He wanted to leave then and there, and just wanted to sit in the van with the doors locked until I was ready to go.

I just kept picking all along for about another 30 minutes, watching this juvenile creature. It was tall but not muscular and huge, go to tree to tree, watching every move I made. I was scared not knowing what it was going to do, but was so mesmerized by just seeing this with my own eyes, just wanted to know how long it would watch.

I had my radio playing and I think that and the way I acted like nothing was there, had its curiosity peaking. I got done, put the mushrooms in the van, and called my partner out to help. When he came out, I told him right where to look and when he saw it, back into the van he leaped and demanded we leave now!

When I got into the van, something let out a scream that to this day I have never heard again in the woods where my buddy was picking, and was answered by the one that was watching me, with a dog monkey bird call that I know that I have heard many times without a thought.

I felt something was telling me to leave, which I did and looked to see if the one watching me was there. He was gone and I dropped some candy bars on the road with intentions to sit and watch, but my buddy wanted to go right now.

I haven't been back since, but will get there this year to see all the logging someone says has happened, probably putting them on the run. My buddy has never been in the woods since that day. I know they exist there! Thanks for commenting, and please keep it up!


Dec. 20, 2015
No Name

I work for a county road department in Douglas County Oregon.I was sent out to look for downed trees and slides on the Coos Bay Wagon Road on Wednesday morning after days of heavy rain. Just above Iverson Park around a mile up something ran across the road in front of me. All I can say is it was no normal animal.It looked like and was shaped like a human only covered with wet black matted hair and about double the size of a large person.I didn't see its face but it ran on two legs like a man would.I would guess it was somewhere around 7 to 8 feet tall with a very husky build and long arms.I didn't call it in.

Two years ago a grader operator was plowing snow in that same area when he seen one of these things walk across the road in front of him. He was laughed at for months. I have never believed the stories of Bigfoot but I must say I don't know what else it could have been. It sure looked like what people are reporting seeing on this site. I have to say it really shook me up at the size and speed it crossed the road. 

Submitted to Ballyhoo
Jan 2016
This comment is in regards to Person who lost  an arm to Bigfoot. I think they usually do not want to be around humans however there is a curiosity measure, when it comes to them and theirs. That having been said, I am sure if they are plenty hungry and they cannot readily find food as they usually do then they may turn to other kinds of food sources, Humans to be included.

They are, after all a lot bigger than us humans so they might impose themselves. One can never know about their approach. I saw one once that came from around a tree. I didn't hear it or pick up any smells preceding it. I think it came out of curiosity because I had been playing a harmonica in the woods while I was walking with my little dog. I was frightened by it's appearance and could not move a muscle. I was frozen in place. Finally it left me.

I walked backwards out of the woods and got to my car in a hurry, got in Quickly, and then made my escape before it decided to come back. That's my experience. I can't get it out of my mind. It happened 4 years ago.


Submitted Jan, 2016

Of all the sightings on this site I can't find one that talks of the bigfoot on all fours. My sighting in 1972 was over near Gardner, Oregon. The bigfoot ran on two feet then went down on all fours while running down this hunting trail at stealth speed. It was a big animal looking like most of the ones described here but with that one exception.  Maybe they all do it and I just happened to view it. Maybe too because my sighting lasted over ten minutes, much longer than most. It had been eating the berries from a salmon berry patch along this trail.

The sighting was actually 14 miles up on the Smith River Road but Gardner is the nearest town. It was a female with breasts visible. Anyway she ran on her legs for some time then went down on her hands and feet still running. The only sound I heard was a loud sharp whistle right before she stood up in the berry patch and glared at me.

She was very light in color almost light tan looking except for a patch running down her back that was a darker brown. The sun was on her so that may have made her look lighter. I have never smelt anything so offensive as she was. The smell was a thick pungent smell with an off smell like rotten eggs. I worked out in the woods for International Paper at the time and reported the sighting to my boss with no problems. Fact is he had seen one in 1948 up near Florence. I think that probably helped that he had seen one too. 




Bigfoot is well known to become violent when humans encroach on their territory. Blackberries along with any wild fruit is the Bigfoot's main dietary intake in the summer and fall months. In fact they cant survive without the antioxidants provided by berries. I observed one female Bigfoot actually gathering berries and placing them in what looked to be deer hide that had been made into a primitive looking basket. I filmed her for 27 minutes and then turned the film over to the biologist inside the district that I work at by order given to me by my supervisor. This isn't the first time this Bigfoot has been filmed. She was filmed for 11 mins in 1996. In the 96 film I'm told she has a very young infant she gently held in her arm. I will say this happened in southwestern Oregon but I cant say anymore. I hope and pray the U.S Forest Service will one day let the public know what we know on Warning from Forest Service Employee (Older Comment)

Chetco Bridge, Curry Co.

Thanks for the chance to tell my story to someone. On December 14th 2009 while on patrol near Carpenderville in Curry Co. I received a call to proceed to mile post twenty four on the Forest Service Road, Pairsoll Peak near the south fork of the Chetco River.

At 1422 hrs I arrived at the south fork bridge. There I was to investigate a report by cellphone that six loggers in a crew wagon had seen a big animal of unknown species on the bridge looking over the side. After taking their reports I told them they could go on home.

I walked across the bridge on foot and walked along the road looking for any signs. There it was, a blackish hairy animal of immense size standing upright looking straight at me from the river bank. I drew my weapon and shot once in the air to stop its forward movement towards me.

The eight to ten foot apelike thing whirled around and walked off into the treeline near the water. Stunned, I returned to pickup. I called it in and was told to return to the Gold Beach Station. I had no choice but to report seeing a Sasquatch-Bigfoot type animal.

I had to see a goof ball shrink before going back to work.

Kellogg. 138 hwy, Oregon

Beth said...

Linda, I believe I can answer some questions people might have about our sighting of the upright animal at Kellogg. It was 4:30 pm when we noticed several deer running across 138 from the field.First we thought they have been down at the river drinking water and were going back across the highway. What tipped us off was the deer were looking back into the field as they crossed over 138. I was the first in the car to notice movement in the field. Nobody was behind us so we slowed and then my husband yelled LOOK!. He pointed to this very large shape walking through the field towards where the deer crossed from. We could see it was no man. The animal was covered with dark grey hair.It's face was a dark grey and had very little hair around it eyes and nose. Its eyes seemed large and black.
We were probably 200 feet from it at first. As soon as it seen us it whirled around and walked towards the river. As it walked it had a limp to it. It was twice as large as a man would be.My husband said that's a Bigfoot I think!. Unfortunately we could not stop on the highway and look at it better because someone might come along behind us and that would be dangerous But this older man in a dirty white Ford pickup was pulled off into the only turnout there and was looking at it too. He must have been from nearby because his tailgate was open and hay was visible hanging out like he had been feeding cows. We are positive the farmer saw it and was watching it too.My husband didn't believe in Bigfoot til then. I was kind of neutral on the subject, not now! I found your site on the INTERNET looking up Bigfoot. Thank you.
Anonymous said...

I went thru that area yesterday hauling logs to Roseburg from the Scottsburg area. I never have told anyone except my son but I saw that same beast around Tyree last month cross the highway at 4.00 am. I believe that thing lives up in the Elliott State Forest and stays close to water most of the time. He seems to travel along the rivers and creeks probably looking for fish carcass and other game.He has been seen on the 7000 line in the Elliot and near Loon Lake campground going thru trash cans.He looks to be very old to me.

Harvey said...
The same is true here in Montana. Officials here claim that people are misidentifying the sighting as a known animal such as a bear. I had the experience in 1949 while at work building a forest road into Yellowstone for the CCC. The creature was nearly nine feet tall and walked upright for over 1/4 mile down a fire trail.It was still upright when it disappeared into the forest. I noted a very strong smell that nearly made me sick from this creature.I have never forgot the face on that thing. It was of a human and gorilla mix.The skin on the face was dark grey and the eyes were black. The hair on it was only about 4 inches long and covered the body which sparse places on the chest and face.The hair was dark black with a hint of red in it.Everyone on the crew believed me but not the forestry people.
 Glenn said...

Very close to this spot on Graves Creek I had an encounter with what I believed to be a Sasquatch in 1999. I was hiking on Mt. Bolivar on a hot summer day when I decided I didn't want to reach the summit because of the amount of mosquitoes in the area.
I had turned around on the trail and started back down when I saw a very large upright creature walking on the trail towards me.I had never seen such a creature in my life. It was well over 7 ft to 8 ft tall and had a massive build to it. Apparently it was following me up the trail.
When it finally saw me it turned and took off down the side of the mountain with amazing speed and agility.I remember the eyes on this creature burned right in to my mind.
The odor this creature left behind was incredibly nauseating.It was a smell of feces and rotten eggs. I had come in from the Eden Valley Road USFS 3348. On my way back out I had to stop several times and calm myself because It scared me to a point of shear panic. I will never go back to that place.
May 20, 2018 at 5:36 PM


Number 126 (Left mostly as Anonymous wrote it.)
Anonymous said...

Shasta, I have to agree with your comment that if you are really indeed looking for something in the woods or forest, your imagination can and will cause you to see things that to you may look like a Bigfoot or his habitat. I will say that on my two encounters here in Oregon, that seeing Bigfoot or any other creature while I was hunting mushrooms commercially with a crew, was the farthest thing on my mind. I didn't give Bigfoot a thought even after seeing this creature the first time and really wasn't over the fright or the doubt of what it was that a crew of eight people and myself had seen, when not even 2 months later, another steps out of a tree line not even 50 feet away and let out a growl that you could honestly feel in your chest, just letting us know we did not belong there.
No, I did not see a bear, man in a suit, or any other thing you can tell me it was,it was a half human,half gorilla like creature, that stood there, looking me in the face and eyes, while I let my workers run to the van, not knowing if he was going to attack me,which he could have gotten to me before I could get my 9 mm out of my holster, which would have done nothing to him besides make it angry.He just turned and was gone in a matter of minutes, allowing me the chance to get to the van with my workers. 
You don't go looking for Bigfoot, Bigfoot will find you if he cares to have any interaction with you, unless you just happen to come across one by accident. Good luck going through the forest hunting one down,ever see one on any of these reality t.v. shows? The comment you made on the scientist not being able to say this creature exist because of the false claims and peoples imagination, not making true or logical reports, These scientist and government knows they exist and they have bodies to prove they do, The Columbus Day creature, Mt. ST. Helens eruption which killed many of them and taken away by the government, The creature they found in the wildfire in Nevada and was taken by the military, they know they exist, just lies and excuses so if a person gets killed or hurt by one, they will not have to pay liability claims on something that never existed, so it had to be a bear.
Please tell the little Hamilton girl who was attacked at SRU Lake and is prob

July 29, 2018 at 8:05 PM
Will  still have to see doctors due to the fright, that it was bear, like our local forestry service personnel did! They all know what is out there!
June 10, 2018 at 11:54 PM


Ben said...
Near Remote Oregon

Though my only sighting of Bigfoot happened in 1959 it is still clear in my mind.In 59 I was age 27 and was employed by The Oregon State Highway Department. I was working with some other guys over near Remote on Oregon 42. In those year the little grocery store was open in Remote next to the highway. It was when I decided I had to answer a nature call down a old game trail that was next to the road. I got my business done and just happened to look off the side of the trail because of some noise.
There it was. Some kind of being I had never seen before. The being was looking at me over a sapling fir tree about 6 ft high.I had no idea what I was looking at was Bigfoot. This being towered over the tree by at least 4 feet and was enormous in build.It let out a deep growl and then a whoop. As it turned and began to leave, I noticed this beast was walking on two legs like humans do. The beast was covered with a short crop of black hair. Then It stopped and turned around to look at me again. When it did I took off up the trail like my backside was on fire.
I was so shook up over this creature I shook for over an hour. I never said a thing to the other guys because they would only have laughed. Days later a motorist stopped there too and reported to the police that he had found several fresh footprints of 19". I read about in the Myrtle Point Herald newspaper about 2 weeks later. I wish now I would of reported the sighting.
July 29, 2018 at 8:05 PM

Oregon Coast

Anonymous said...

My friend was called to an area just south of Humbug State Park to investigate a report of 2 people MAYBE stranded on the beach along US 101. This is what he told me.Once he arrived the reporting party pointed out the two people near the water. This area has NO access to the beach. The cliff along the highway is nearly a hundred foot drop vertically down to the water.He used the command speaker to yell at them to see if they were in trouble.It was then he noticed both of the people were very large compared to a normal male or female human. They both looked up at the highway ,then took off running at a unbelievable speed down the shoreline till they were out of sight. He was able to eyeglass both of the figures and they certainly weren't humans at all. Both were covered with dark brown fur and ALMOST twice the size of a normal human would be. He COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT HE HAD JUST WITNESSED.The area they were standing in was littered with clam shells all over the beach and shoreline.He could see the shell from the eyeglass. He is positive they were more apelike than human acting. He called the incident in to dispatch and we'll see what happens now its official.
August 17, 2018 at 8:19 PM
Rudy H said...

Last year my spouse of 52 years came home and acting different from her usual demeanor. I ask her several times that night if something was wrong. She refused to discuss what was bothering her. I let it go to find she was still upset the next morning.Again I ask her to tell me what had made her upset and again she refused to answer.Over the next year she had bouts of anxiety and a host of health problems.The medical doctor couldn't find anything organic wrong so he recommended a mental specialist.After a month or so of therapy it finally surfaced what her problem was. Apparently she was driving home from from work at from Florence to Swisshome when some kind of large upright being ran out in front of her car. It came out in the sessions that the hair covered creature stopped and looked thru the drivers window at her after the near miss.She said the face on this creature was somewhat human but had ape like features too.The size of the body was amazingly large reaching over 7 or 8 feet in height.It had scared her so bad she was suffering from post traumatic stress.Another thing that scared her so bad is that this creature was carrying a very small hair covered infant in her arms.The morrow of this story is if you see something like this you need to talk about it with a trusted person or it will make you sick trying to hold it in.I didn't believe in Bigfoot and that's why she never confided in me to help her.I feel terrible I was not able to help her. I know now Bigfoot is alive and real.I wish I would have had more of a open mind in 2016.
September 6, 2018 at 10:13 AM


Shayla said...
Near Riddle, Oregon 
In 1986 my husband and I were cutting winter firewood on public land some 20 miles from Riddle,Oregon. We had a permit for 5 cords of firewood so we left the house before daylight. We arrived after 7 am. My husband started the chainsaw and began cutting up the logs we were after. I stacked the wood in the truck. As I was stacking the chainsaw quit and my husband yelled at me to look over into this small open meadow across the canyon from us.

 As I did I spotted two large beings covered with black hair or fur walk across this meadow. By that time my husband had joined me at the truck. We watched these creatures walk on two legs like humans but they certainly weren't human at all. They were both seven to eight feet tall and very heavily built. My husband said "Lets get out of here". Even though they were over across the canyon (maybe three hundred feet away) it scared both of us.I think what my husband was afraid of was he had found tracks over where the firewood was laying but didn't look at them in detail.
We reported the sighting to the local BLM office only to get strange looks from the office help.We have never [been] so humiliated before. We both know for a fact that Bigfoot's are real animals not just myth.

Anonymous said...
This is where I had my first encounter, just in the hills above Alpine, Oregon, and this was the creature that was the most aggressive and looked like a old caveman type primate in the face, which I saw quite well at about 30 feet and growling, clicking his teeth and a howl that reverberated right through my chest and I swear, I thought he was going to attack me and tear me to pieces! I fired my pistol in the air twice just to get him away from me, which he did , but could hear him plain as day going down the hill that I had to go down to get to my truck and knew he was heading me off, I went the opposite way to try to trick him into thinking I was coming down the mountain the way I was supposed to be going.

 I could hear him in the distance knocking down old dead trees, just raising Cain! I finally came up behind my truck from the rear and all around it was brush, limbs,rocks,so I couldn't leave, I looked at the road and limbs and decided this thing was just waiting for my engine to start and would be there,and with how many others who knows, I was scared as it was getting dark, so I just started it up revved up the engine and let off on the clutch and just started pushing limbs and branches until I couldn't move, then I would back up and hit the pile till I could get out!

I swear had he stepped out of those trees, I would have ran him right over! I heard a howl real close to the truck and all of a sudden a huge rock that no man, I don't care who you are, came out of no where , hitting the inside of my truck bed, just trashing it! I was so mad I jumped out and emptied my 9 mm toward his howl and it got so quiet, I jumped into the drivers seat and that truck didn't stop till I got home! I have never been back since nor do I care to ever go back! The huge rock sits by my porch as a reminder of it!

Terri said...

Dec. Oregon

We were returning from Oakridge after visiting our daughter and her family on Thursday night the 27th around 7:30 on Highway 58. As we came off a bridge crossing the river we both saw this very large black figure standing next to the road with it's right hand over its eyes.

My husband said "what is that person doing just standing there in the dark" Then as we got closer to the figure it quickly dashed across the road right in front of us in the headlights. It was then we clearly knew it wasn't a person. 

This creature was massive in size, well over seven feet tall. It was covered in dark hair and walked with great speed on two legs. The entire time it was holding its huge arm up over its eyes.

Just as we started to stop off the roadway a Lane County Sheriff deputy came by in the opposite direction. He turned around and came back and stopped behind us and asked us "if we had seen anyone near the roadway back there"?

We told him something was back there and he replied they had calls about a person or something out in the roadway watching cars passing. 

We know it just had to be a Sasquatch because nothing else looks like that creature did.


Gord Fisher said...
Having a close encounter with Bigfoot is a life changing experience,I know. In 1976 I was working on Elk River road in Curry County near Laird Lake. I was grading the road and pulled off into a wide spot (turn out)to eat lunch.

I climbed off the grader and walked over to a small creek where there was a good place to sit down and eat. As I was eating I became aware that something was standing across the small creek behind a tree. As as I could see movement of a brown figure I thought BEAR. I didn't have a weapon with me so I thought it better to just stay still. Seems like only seconds passed before this giant animal walked out from behind the tree not 30 feet from me.

 I had no way to prepare myself for such a sight. It scared me into complete panic mode.This animal/creature was big. It had to be over 8 feet tall and many hundreds of lbs in weight.The face on this thing looked like a prehistoric man and ape mixed. It smelled so bad I couldn't stand to stay still. It was absolutely terrible smelling like rotten garbage.

I could see it was male in sex and had hair all over its body, thick in places and thin in others like around it eyes and upper part of the nose. It let out a deep growl and just stared at me with its black eyes burning into mine.Then somewhere off in the distance I heard a whooping sound then a loud whistle. It turned towards the sound and very slowly walked off in the direction of the whistle. The whole time it was watching me very close for some movement on my part.

Finally it went out of sight and after waiting for several minutes I got up and ran to the grader and left the area. I called it in to dispatch and they notified the police.They went up to where I saw it and found several large tracks around the creek where it had apparently been drinking. 
It took me years before I would venture out by myself in the forest after that sighting.

GL said...

I was employed by Oregon Fish and Game from 1970 - 2006. In 1993 while documenting some stream damage from a recent flood in Coos County, I just happen to video tape a large upright animal walking down a gravel bar on two legs just like a human would.

The animal was turning over rotten old logs from the recent flood and eating something from under them.It walked like humans do only with a slump type walk. From the nearby trees I could see the animal was 9 feet tall. It was twice the size of any human I know. It was covered in short black fur or hair all over is body except in the palm of the hands and around the nostrils.. And it was a male for positive. The animal didn't know I was near so I video taped the animal for 15 mins 31 secs.

After returning to the office I took the video in to a wildlife biologist in my office building.We watched the tape and the biologist said "do you know what that is?' I said no not for sure but a have suspicions."you've video taped a Sasquatch he said". In the next few minutes the office was filled of different personnel from Fish and Game.After the viewing of the tape my supervisor told all present in office not to discuss this tape with anyone outside the room.

Over the next few weeks the office setting became tense. The supervisor had sent a copy of the video off to Salem for analyzes. After several weeks it was announced that the animal in the video was just a black bear and that no more discussion needed to be done on the video. As far as I know someone still has that video. Fish and Game is certainly aware the Bigfoot/Sasquatch is out there


 Warren said...
I believe it was back in 2008 that I was hunting with a friend up in the Soup Creek area of Ash Valley when I had a sighting of something very strange.

I was glassing a hillside when I saw movement over across the mountain. I watched this area thinking deer were coming towards me. I was sitting on a stump just watching this area when this large dark figure seemed to walk out into a small opening in the trees.

As I watched this figure it came out on two legs (bipedal) and appeared to have fur or dark hair covering its body. It was shaped like a man only larger that a normal man. I could just make out the body and the face somewhat. The trunk of the body was very husky and the face appeared not to be human nor animal but something somewhat in between human and apelike. Then the figure disappeared behind some trees and vanished from my site.
 Richard L said...

     In Coos County over by Mount Bolivar, I went hiking last week to do some personal thinking about the world affairs we are living with. At around 8 AM I looked out into a grassy meadow across the hill from me and saw what I think was a Sasquatch. The creature was fully erect and walking on two legs up into the tree line. The size of the figure made it impossible to be human. This figure was at least 8 or 9 ft tall and very heavy built through its chest area and arms. Its hair or fur was jet black. All together I must have watched the creature for 3 mins or so till it disappeared into timber.

When I got back home that night I reported what I saw to the Sheriffs Office and was told two others had reported seeing the same kind of figure, creature, animal in that same area since early June. I have never really believed in that sort of thing but now I'm thinking they are a natural animal that are very rare and don't like human encounters